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How to Squeeze in Daily Practice When You're On the Go

Every Little Bit Helps


With a little bit of creativity and effort, you can get a little dose of German wherever you are. Here are some suggestions.
  1. Count always in German.

  2. Change all your settings on your smartphone to German.
  3. Carry German crossword puzzles with you.

  4. Get a translating app on your smartphone for instant translations wherever you go.

  5. Listen to German on your smartphone wherever you go.

  6. Watch short You Tube videos in German.

  7. While waiting in line or on a bus, practice by describing in your mind your surroundings. Describe what people are wearing, what they're sitting on etc.

  8. Carry flashcards that you can go through when you have a moment's time.

  9. Write your to-do lists in German.

  10. Challenge yourself to a "Think in German only" hour or whatever you can manage.
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