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Free Online Dictionaries for German

English-German, German-English, German-only


Online Dictionaries
This is a collection of links to various online dictionaries for German. All of them can translate words or phrases from English to German or German to English. Many of them offer other language combinations as well. These are Web-based online dictionaries for German that do not require any special software (other than a Web browser) or any particular operating system.

In addition, we have included links to some of the English-German and German-English topical dictionaries at this About.com German Language site.

Dictionary Software: You can also find downloadable or CD-ROM software versions of German dictionaries in our German Dictionaries section.

Translation: For more extensive German-English translation (sentences, paragraphs, passages, Web pages, etc.) see our Free Online Translation pages.

Online Dictionaries for German
English-German, German-English, German-only

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