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Writing German

Lessons and resources to help you write better German, including personal and business correspondence.
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When to Use s, ss or ß
When to use s, ss or ß in German sentences.

Business German - Contents
Learn German business vocabulary and how to write for business.

Capitalization in German
German is the only world language that requires the capitalization of all nouns. But once you get past that easy rule, the German capitalization rules can be a bit more tricky. Here's a lesson to help you write better German.

German Spelling
The different spellings of The Spelling of German Diphthongs

How to Write a Letter in German
How to Write a Letter in German.

DeKey for Windows - Free Download
This freeware download for Windows computer systems allows you to easily type German characters on an English-language keyboard using the Alt key. The Zip file contains both US and UK versions. Provided by a reader who is a software designer.

Writing in German - German Writing
Writing in German - German Writing

The Hyphen
How to use the hyphen in German.

German Characters FAQ
Here are some of the more frequently asked questions I've received from readers who want to know how to type or view ö, Ä, é, ß, etc., or spell-check in German on an English-language keyboard. You'll also find answers for using “foreign” keyboards abroad and how to display German or other special characters on a Web page using HTML.

German Punctuation - Zeichensetzung
Although German and English punctuation is often similar, there are a few key differences. Learn how German punctuation can differ from English--from the use of quotation marks (two kinds) to the lack of commas in certain situations.

Personal Letters in German
Helpful guidelines and an English-German phrasebook for writing personal letters, email, and greeting cards in German. Also see sample personal letters and specialized glossaries on a variety of topics.

Misspelled German Words
A list of German words Often misspelled.

Special Character Chart for German
A guide to typing German characters on a PC or Mac using an English-language keyboard.

Spelling Reform - Double-s Words
A look at one aspect of German spelling reform: to ß or to ss, that is the question.

Top 10 German Mistakes: 1-5
The most common mistakes made by German-learners and how to avoid them.

German Spelling Mistakes
A List of Common German Spelling Mistakes

Common German Spelling Mistakes
Common German spelling mistakes, page 2

German Words
A glossary of German words to spice up your German writing.

German Spelling Tips
Tips That Will Help You Spell Better in German.

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