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The Pimsleur Method

Reader Reviews: German Self-Teaching Guides

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By Robert

German Self-Teaching Guide/Course

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The Pimsleur Method

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The method is the beneficiary of an absurdly successful marketing ploy. There's even an advertisement on this page assuring you that language professors hate Pimsleur because his method so successfully teaches people to be proficient in scores of foreign languages in a mere ten days. If the promise were true, Anglophones, since Pimsleur developed his method in the 60s (he died in '76), would be fluent in any number of foreign languages. To the contrary, Anglophones are, obviously and painfully, the least proficient speakers of other cultures' languages. That said, Pimsleur's method has certain strong features -- retention of vocabulary being its strongest. The big negative of not only the German, but the Italian and French, programs is the hopelessly outdated situations. If you tried to apply the German of the situations on the CDs in the foreign country, natives would either feel sorry for your gaffes or bite their tongues to keep from breaking into laughter at phrases and sentences that went out of style with their grandparents. (Google "pimsleur method" for other reviews that don't debunk the method but the programs developed from it.)

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