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Readers Respond: Favorite German Christmas Traditions

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From the article: Advent Wreath
What German Christmas traditions do you hold dear? Does a certain custom hold special meaning for you? Whether big or small, share with other readers your favorite German Christmas tradition. Share Yours


im living in vienna for a while im interested in knowing their custom your title are very interesting for me thank you
—Guest l.vaghefi


Ich vermisse die alten Traditionen, wie Kinder, die wir zu Weihnachten warten . Weihnachten war kein Hektik, es war jeden Tag mit seiner Bedeutung und Vorbereitung. Die ganze Familie und gemeinsam werden wir verwenden, um zu sitzen und zu hören Weihnachtslieder, zusammen singen und genießen die Cookies zu Hause gemacht. Es tut mir leid für das, was jetzt geschieht, sind das einzige, was hält mich gehen wird die Souvenirs und die Bilder, die ich mir immer wieder sehen, trotzdem wünsche ich Ihnen allen ein frohes Weihnachtsfest! Hoffnung auf Frieden und Liebe in der Welt! Juliette
—Guest Juliette Marrash

Weihnachtsmusik aus Schwaben

My wife grew up in Augsburg and she has old records of Advent and Christmas music from Swabia and the Salzburg region of Austria from the 1970s. This is country music, beautiful, simple and genuine and completely in the spirit of the season. You can't find these recordings any longer! We converted them to tape in the 1980s and more recently to digital so we have them, complete with scratches, and we play them every December. It's really "ein Hauch der Heimat" (a taste of the old country) for both of us, even though I grew up in the US -- after all these years, this is my true Christmas music.

Favorite German Christmas Traditions

Making of the stollen. Have to have it every year. Been doing it for 31 years now, and not about to stop.
—Guest scotswrath

christmas eve

although i am not religious, i still cherish christmas eve traditions passed down to me from my german father. the christmas tree should only be revealed at 6pm, where one should greet it wearing their best clothes. our christmas tree was always very heavily decorated, especially with tinsel and lights that looked like candles. normally we had a star on top, but later on my mum liked to use a fairy/angel as a paegan representation of a womans skirt bearing gifts in winter. any talented people could sing, dance or read something aloud for entertainment. then the youngest person goes up and chooses a gift for another. then after they have opened their gift, that person goes and chooses a gift for someone else, and so on. my favourite part of christmas was always the bunte teller with dominosteiner, pfeffernüsse, zimtsterne, lebkuchen, spekulatius and many forms of marzipan! for dinner we have kassler, venison or goose, followed by a drinks party with family and friends.
—Guest bambikino

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Favorite German Christmas Traditions

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