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Travelling In Germany


Travelling for business or pleasure to Germany anytime soon? If you don't speak much German yet, make sure you know some essential phrases for various daily activities that you most likely will do on your trip.

Other Helpful Info For Your Trip
German Language Spotlight10

Alles über einen Kamm scheren

Explanation of the German expression: Alles über einen Kamm scheren.


Conjugation of the German verb 'besuchen.'


Conjugation of and expressions with 'stehen.'


Conjugation of the German verb 'biegen.'

Basic German Soccer Terms

Basic soccer terms in German for the soccer fan.


All about the German verb 'fliegen'.

Best Wishes in German For Any Occasion

Do you get stuck knowing how to congratulate people on different occasions?. In this article you'll find best wishes in German for different occasions all in one article.

Rebus 1

See if you can figure this rebus out.

The Many Ways Of Reading 'Lesen'

In how many ways can you read a book? Well, in German in at least 15 ways! All you need is add a prefix. Read about the many ways you use 'lesen' in German.

Auf Draht Sein

Find out the origin of the German expression "auf dem Draht" and its English equivalent.

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