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German Adjectives

By October 23, 2012

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If I had to pick a favorite type of word, it would be the adjective. They are the most fun for me to play around with when writing and I'm constantly discovering new ones! 
Knowing just a few more adjectives in German beyond the basics (klein, groß, schön, hässlich ) will add more expressivity to your language. What's more is that it is easy to do! Find out how in Easy German Adjectives.

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November 1, 2012 at 3:45 pm
(1) D.S. says:

The I.B. German Language Guide has given here six articles about Adjectives, all of them interesting, and I have chosen ‘Compound Adjectives’ to borrow some German Sentences from her article, to alter them a little with a rhyme.

Frühreife grüne Äpfel schmecken gut, — Precocity in green apples will have good taste,
das liegt der grünen Apfelgattung gar im Blut. — as the genus of these green apples being in their blood.

Der Clown mit hellroter Hose und lila Hemd — The clown with bright red pants and purple shirt
wackelt mit dem Kinderfahrrad, noch ganz ungekämmt. — jiggling with the kids bike, still uncombed.

Dieser denkfaule Mann ist wirklich faul — This lazy thinking man is really lazy,
und hat dazu ein gemein großes Maul. — and has also a wicked big mouth.

Der alte Mann ist lernbegierig, — The old man is eager to learn,
obwohl er lebt in hohem Alter, — even though he lives in old age,
er weiß es ist schon eher schwierig, — he knows it will be rather difficult,
zu lernen Neues, um sich auszubreiten wie ein Falter. — to learn new things, spreading out like a butterfly.

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