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Ingrid Bauer

Ingrid Bauer

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True to her heritage, Ingrid Bauer has been teaching German since the late-1990s.


Ingrid Bauer, of German descent, is fluent in both German and English. After graduating from a German high school, Ingrid decided to dedicate herself to teaching languages. She obtained a teaching degree and later on completed a master's degree in German Studies. Since 1996, Ingrid has been teaching and tutoring to university students, business professionals and children.


Ingrid Bauer obtained a B.A/B.Ed with a concentration in German and French and a Master of Arts in German Studies from McGill University. She also obtained the Swiss Embassy Award during her B.A./B.Ed. for highest marks in German.

By Ingrid Bauer:

Willkommen zu About.com! German has often been labelled as a difficult language to learn. But who said it couldn't be fun? German, one of the most spoken languages in Europe and spoken widely throughout the world is steeped in history and culture. On this site you will find a vast resource of lessons and information, useful to both the German learner and teacher. Come join us in our forum as well. And remember, as with all language-learning - Übung macht den Meister (Practice makes perfect).

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