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German for Beginners

A free online German course

German Lessons | Contents: Part 2
Erste Stufe | Level One

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The Top 10 German Mistakes Made by Beginners
With help in preventing them!

German Lessons - Level One (Part 2)
Contents Part 1 (Lessons 1-10)
Thema - Grammatik
Topic - Grammar
Lessons by Topic
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AUDIO LANGUAGE LAB: Sound files for learning to pronounce German.
Lesson 11 Giving and Taking - geben und nehmen - Stem-changing verbs, accusative case, command forms
Lesson 12 The Calendar and Appointments - Dative phrases - The days of the week, months and dates - Ordinal numbers
Lesson 13 Essen und Trinken - Eating and drinking, buying groceries. The table setting in German.
Menu and
Essen und Trinken 2 - An annotated A-to-Z German-English phrasebook related to Lektion 13
Lesson 14 Berufe - Occupations in German. More on the accusative case and accusative prepositions.
Need a German grammar book?
Order Deutsch macht Spaß
by Brigitte Dubiel
Lesson 15 Von Kopf bis Fuß - From head to toe: Talking about the body. Wo tut's weh? Where does it hurt? Dative reflexive.
Lesson 16 kennen/wissen - Knowing How to Say Know. The three German verbs for "to know."
Lesson 17 Im Kaufhaus - At the Department Store - Shopping, departments, floors. KaDeWe, Galeries Lafayette, Hertie, etc. - Dative of interest
Lesson 18 Haus und Hof - House and Home - Apartments/flats, houses, rooms and furniture. - Pres. perfect tense. More 2-way prepositions
Lesson 19 Separable Prefix Verbs - How to conjugate verbs with a separable prefix, plus inseparable-prefix verbs.
Lesson 20 Das Wetter - Talking about the weather - Dative expressions
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The Top 10 German Mistakes Made by Beginners
With help in preventing them!

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