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Annotated German Biblical Glossary
The Bible in English and German

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  Noun genders are indicated by: r (der, masc.), e (die, fem.), s (das, neu.)
  Abbreviations: adj. (adjective), n. (noun), obs. (obsolete, outdated), pl. (plural), sing. (singular), v. (verb)


the A and O  das A and O, das Alpha und Omega

Ich bin das Alpha und das Omega, der Anfang und das Ende, der Erste und der Letzte. (I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.) - Revelation 22:13

Acts (The Acts of the Apostles)  die Apostelgeschichte des Lukas

Books of the Bible
Listed in English and German


Bible  e Bibel
  Bible verse, verse of the Bible  r Bibelspruch

biblical, scriptural (adj.)  biblisch


Christ  r Christus

Christian (adj.)  christlich

Christian (n.)  r Christ, e Christin

Christianity  e Christenheit

Chronicles  Chronik (See Books of the Bible)

Corinthians  Korinther (See Books of the Bible)

More religious vocabulary
Religion Glossary


Decalogue, the Ten Commandments  Die zehn Gebote

Deuteronomy  das fünfte Buch Mose (Deuteronomium) (See Books of the Bible)


Ecclesiastes  Der Prediger Salomo (Kohelet)

Epistle  r Brief, r Epistel
  The General Epistle of James  Der Brief des Jakobus

Exodus  das zweite Buch Mose (2. Mose) (Second Book of Moses)

Ezekiel  Hesekiel, Ezechiel


Galilee  (das) Galiläa
  Sea of Galilee  der See Genezareth

Genesis  Das erste Buch Mose (1. Mose) (First Book of Moses, see Books of the Bible)


Hebrews  die Hebräer
  The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Hebrews  Der Brief an die Hebräer


Isaiah  Jesaja


James  Jakobus, Jakob
  The General Epistle of James  Der Brief des Jakobus

Jeremiah  Der Prophet Jeremia

Jesus (Christ)  Jesus (Christus), Jesu Christi

Job  Hiob

John  Johannes

Jonah  Jona

Joshua  Josua

Judaea  (das) Judäa, das jüdische Lande

Judas  Judas

Judges  Richter


Kings  Könige

More religious vocabulary
Religion Glossary


Lamentations  Die Klagelieder Jeremias

Leviticus  Das dritte Buch Mose (Levitikus)

Lord's Prayer, Paternoster (n.)  das Vaterunser

Luke  Lukas
   Also see: Die Bibel - Weihnachten (Christmas)


Mark  Markus

Matthew  Matthäus

Micah  Micha

Moses  Mose

Books of the Bible
Listed in English and German


New Testament  Neues Testament
   Books of the New Testament

Numbers  das vierte Buch Mose (Numeri)


Obidiah  Obadja

Old Testament  Altes Testament
   Books of the Old Testament


Paternoster, Lord's Prayer  das Vaterunser

Peter  Petrus

Proverbs (of Solomon)  Sprüche (Salomos)

Psalm  r Psalm

Psalms  Psalmen (Book of Psalms)

Psalter  Der Psalter (Book of Psalms)


Q  Q, e Quelle (source)

Q and the hypothetical gospel. Some New Testament scholars believe there is a missing gospel, termed Q for "Quelle" (German for source). Although no actual copy of Q – the "Gospel of Thomas" – has ever been found, there are tantalizing clues indicating that it may have existed at one time. (For more see "Q - The Hypothetical Gospel" from PBS/Frontline.)


Revelations  die Offenbarung des Johannes

Ruth  Rut

Romans (Epistle to the Romans)  Der Brief des Paulus an die Römer


savior, saviour  r Erlöser, r Retter, r Heiland
   Also see: Die Bibel - Weihnachten (Christmas)

scriptural (adj.)  biblisch
  scriptural passage, biblical text  e Bibelstelle

scripture (Holy Scriptures)  die (Heilige) Schrift, die biblische Geschichte

shepherd  r Hirt

Solomon  Salomos, Salomon

Song of Solomon (Canticles)  das Hohelied Salomos


The Ten Commandments  Die zehn Gebote
  See the Ten Commandments in German.

Trinity  e Dreieinigkeit


Vulgate (n.)  e Vulgata (Jerome's Latin translation of the Bible dating back to the 4th century.)


Wisdom of Salomon  die Weisheit Salomons (Salomos, Salomonis), salomonische Weisheit

Wise Men, The  die Weisen, die Heiligen Drei Könige
   Also see: Die Bibel - Weihnachten (Christmas)


Zechariah  Sacharja

Zephaniah  Zefanja

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