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A Directory of Online and Other Sources of Books in German

Bilingual and Children's Books - Kinderbücher auf Deutsch

This is our listing for bilingual and children's books (Kinderbücher). See other categories below. Below you'll find both online and local bookstores that carry German-language titles. For information and links related to bilingual families, see Bilingual Parenting, a personal account of raising kids to be bilingual in German and English. Also see our Bilingual Families links page.

Our directory is divided into the following categories:

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For German DVD and VIDEO, see our DVD/Video Sources page.

Bilingual and Children's Books

Book 1
This book is part of the
Berlitz Kids German Language Pack.

Alphabet Garten
Books and other materials in German for young and adult readers. Based in New Jersey.

Amazon.de - Kinderwelt Bücher
Amazon.de's children's section.

Books Without Borders - German
German and bilingual books, audio cassettes, and videos for children. From Books Without Borders in San Antonio, Texas.

A searchable online source of German and bilingual books for kids. From the homepage, click on Kinderbücher on the right, or use search.

eBay Deutschland - Kinderbücher
Used children's books in German from eBay Deutschland.

Multilingual Matters - Books
An international publisher based in Great Britain. Books dealing with multicultural and bilingual education.

Passport to Learning
Children's books in German and other languages.

Schoenhof's Foreign Books - Children
Pick a language and search.

World of Reading
Foreign language and ESL books, software, tapes, DVDs and videos in over 90 languages.

Online Bookstores

Online Bookstores
Online German bookstores based in Europe, the US or elsewhere. Booksellers that offer German titles and are primarily Web-based.

Bookstores in North America

Bookstores in North America
Local and mail-order bookstores in the US and Canada that sell German titles. Some with Web sites.

eBooks in German

eBooks in German
Online sources of electronic books and software for PDAs, handhelds, regular computers and ebook readers.

Used/Antiquarian/Out-of-Print Books

Used/Antiquarian/Out-of-Print Books
Online and local bookstores selling second-hand, antiquarian and other hard-to-find books in German.

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