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Deutschland: Landkarte
A Map of Germany's Federal States

Landkarte: Die Bundesländer der BRD

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  Bundesländer - Part 1 > Map > Map Quiz

The map below shows Germany's 16 Bundesländer. Can you identify all of them? Can you also name the countries bordering Germany—in English and German? The international symbols shown are a good clue. For help, see the key below the map.

After you study the map, take our MAP QUIZ.

German outline map 1
   Map © 2004 Hyde Flippo
    1 Schleswig-Holstein
2 Hamburg
3 Bremen
4 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
5 Berlin
6 Brandenburg
7 Niedersachsen
8 Sachsen-Anhalt
  9 Nordrhein-Westfalen
10 Hessen
11 Thüringen
12 Sachsen
13 Rheinland-Pfalz
14 Saarland
15 Bayern
16 Baden-Württemberg
  Note: If you need help with the English names of the German Bundesländer and their capitals, see Part One.
    A Austria
B Belgium
CH Switzerland
CR Czech Republic
DK Denmark
F France
L Luxembourg
NL Netherlands
P Poland
D Germany
  Note: For more about countries in German and English, see our Countries glossary.

For a more detailed description of each of Germany's Bundesländer, see Germany's 16 States - Part One.

After you study the map, take our MAP QUIZ.

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