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Special Character Chart for German

Part 2: Typing German Characters on a PC or
Mac Using an English-Language Keyboard

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Chart 1 > Chart 2
For this German character, type...
  Codes marked with an asterisk * may not display correctly in all browsers or with all fonts.
PC Code
Alt +
Mac Code
option +
left angle quote
0171 shift + \
right angle quote
0187 + \
Some German publishers use the "left angle" quote as the close quote, and the "right angle" quote as the open quote, while others use them as shown above - «Wer weiß warum?»
left lower quote
0132 shift w

right quote 1
(used by focus,
Der Spiegel, etc.)
0147 [
(left bracket)

right quote 2
(same as
Engl. close quote)
0148 shift [
(left bracket)

euro symbol*
html = €
shift 2
Grad / degree sign
0176* shift 8
section (law)
0167 6
pound sterling
0163 3
More: Part One of this chart
Also see Optimize Your PC for German and
the related links below.
Freeware Solution: Want to avoid the complicated PC numeric codes? Try this free DeKey application provided by a reader. More...

HTML Hint: If you want to create a ü (u-umlaut) or the other German characters in HTML for your personal or other Web page, here's a tip. The HTML code for most German characters and symbols is usually the same as the PC keyboard Alt code (minus the zero). For example, to type an umlaut-u (ü) on the PC keyboard you press Alt+0252. To get the same character in HTML, you use this code: ü (you must end the code with a semicolon, as shown). In a Web browser this will produce ü. Some letters/symbols have both a letter code and a "word" code. The Ä, for example, can be typed in HTML as either Ä or as Ä. The pound sterling symbol (£) can be coded as £ or as £. You can easily convert the codes in the chart above to HTML by just dropping the zero.

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