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English-German Cognates

Genuine Cognates: A

Words that are identical or similar in English and German

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Noun Genders: r (der, masc.), e (die, fem.), s (das, neu.)
Abbreviations: adj. adjective, adv. adverb, Am American English, Br British English, diff. used in a different or limited sense, f.c. false cognate, n. noun, pl. plural, pron. pronounced, v. verb

* = Less obvious cognates that may not closely resemble each other in both English and German, but are cognates
** = Words used in English that come from German

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What's a COGNATE? > Grammar Glossary: C


accept akzeptieren*

accent r Akzent*

accord r Akkord (diff.) legal accord

accordian s Akkordeon

acrobat r Akrobat

act r Akt (theat.) - Caution! Also a false cognate!

active aktiv

acute akut

adapter r Adapter

address e Adresse

Adriatic (Sea) e Adria

Advent r Advent

affair e Affäre

Afghanistan s Afghanistan

Africa s Afrika
African adj. afrikanisch
African (person) r Afrikaner/e Afrikanerin

agent r Agent

alarm r Alarm (diff.) warning, alert

alcohol r Alkohol
alcoholic adj. alkoholisch
alcoholism r Alkoholismus

alcove r Alkoven

algebra e Algebra

all all, alle

allergic allergisch*
allergy e Allergie

allegorical allegorisch*
allegory e Allegorie

alms s Almosen*

alone allein*

alpaca s Alpaka

alphabet s Alphabet (das Abc)
alphabetic alphabetisch

Alps, the e Alpen*

altar s Altar

aluminum Am
aluminium Br s Aluminium

amateur r Amateur

Amazon (river) r Amazonas*
Amazon (woman) e Amazone

America s Amerika
American f. e Amerikanerin
American m. r Amerikaner

analog adj. analog

analysis n. e Analyse
analytical adj. analytisch

anarchy e Anarchie

anchor r Anker*

angel r Engel*

angst e Angst**

antenna e Antenne

antique e Antiquität
  e Antike (f.c.) antiquity > False Cognates

ape, monkey r Affe*

apple r Apfel*

April r April

aquarium s Aquarium

Arab/Arabian r Araber
Arabia s Arabien

architect r Architekt

arm r Arm
  arm (adj.) poor > False Cognates

army e Armee (pron. ar-MAY)

arsenic s Arsenik

artist r Artist (diff.) performer, artiste (not "artist")
  e Art (f.c.) type, kind > False Cognates

ash(es) e Asche

Asia s Asien*

astronaut r Astronaut

athlete r Athlet

atlas r Atlas

Australia s Australien

avocado e Avocado
  Exception to the rule that nouns ending in -o are usually das - See German Noun Suffixes and Gender for more

ax/axe e Axt

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