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Die Farben • Colors

The Colors in German

English-German Color Chart + Audio

Part of Lesson 5 of our German for Beginners Course.

To find a color by its English name, see our Alphabetical Color List.

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Colors - Farben
Click on Audio to hear a color and its sample phrases.
Farbe Color "Colorful" Phrases (color adjectives)
rot red der rote Wagen (the red car), der Wagen ist rot
> Audio
rosa pink die rosa Rose (the pink rose)* > Audio
blau blue ein blaues Auge (a black* eye), er ist blau (he's drunk)
*In German, a black eye is blue. > Audio
die hellblaue Bluse (the light blue blouse)** > Audio
die dunkelblaue Bluse (the dark blue blouse) > Audio
grün green der grüne Hut (the green hat) > Audio
gelb yellow ein gelbes Licht (a yellow light) > Audio
orange orange das orange Buch (the orange book) > Audio
braun brown die braunen Schuhe (the brown shoes) > Audio
beige beige der beige Kasten (the beige box) > Audio
violett violet der violette Hut (the violet hat) > Audio
lila lilac/mauve der lila Hut (the lilac hat)* > Audio
weiß white das weiße Papier (the white paper) > Audio
schwarz black der schwarze Koffer (the black suitcase) > Audio
grau gray der graue Pulli (the gray sweater) > Audio
türkis turquoise eine türkise Karte (a turquoise card) > Audio
silber silver eine silberne Münze (a silver coin) > Audio
gold gold eine goldene Münze (a gold coin), eine Goldmünze
> Audio
* Colors ending in -a (lila, rosa) or -e (beige, orange) do not take the normal adjective endings.
** Light or dark colors are preceded by hell- (light) or dunkel- (dark), as in hellgrün (light green) or dunkelgrün (dark green).
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Find a color by its English name > Alphabetical Color List

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