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German Holiday Calendar

A Calendar of Holidays in
Austria, Germany, and Switzerland

Part 2: Juli-Dezember (July-December)

Holidays and Observances in German-Speaking Europe
Holidays (Feiertage) marked with an asterisk ( * ) are official national holidays in Germany and/or the other German-speaking countries. Some of the holidays listed here are regional or specifically Catholic or Protestant celebrations only. You can find out more about hyperlinked holidays by clicking on the name of the celebration.

Note that certain holidays are observed on different dates in different countries in Europe and around the world. For holidays that do not fall on a fixed date, see the Bewegliche Feste (movable feasts / holidays) page.

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Januar-Juni | Juli-Dezember | Bewegliche Feste

July-December | Juli-Dezember
Feiertag Holiday Datum/Date
Gedenktag des Attentats auf Hitler 1944** Commemorative day of the assassination attempt on Hitler in 1944 20. Juli - Germany
**This is more of an observance than an official holiday. On July 20, 1944 an assassination plot against Hitler failed when a bomb placed by Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg detonated but only injured the dictator slightly. Von Stauffenberg and his fellow conspirators were arrested and hanged. Today von Stauffenberg and the other plotters are recognized for trying to end Nazi terror and restore democracy in Germany.
Swiss National Day 1. August (am ersten Aug.)
Celebrated with fireworks
Assumption 15. August
Michaelis (das)
der Michaelistag
Michaelmas (Feast of St. Michael the Archangel) 29. September (am neunundzwangzigsten Sept.)
Oktoberfest - Munich Two-week celebration beginning in late Sept. and ending on the first Sunday in October.
Erntedankfest German Thanksgiving End of September or early October; not an official holiday
Tag der
Day of German Unity 3. Oktober - Germany's national holiday was moved to this date after the Berlin Wall came down.
National Holiday (Austria) 26. Oktober (am sechsundzwanzigsten Okt.) Austria's national holiday, called Flag Day, commemorates the founding of the Republik Österreich in 1955.
Halloween Halloween 31. Oktober (am einunddreißigsten Okt.) Halloween is not a traditional German celebration, but in recent years it has become increasingly popular in Austria and Germany.
Allerheiligen All Saints' Day 1. November (am ersten Nov.)
Allerseelen All Souls' Day 2. November (am zweiten Nov.)
   For the Protestant version of the Catholic All Soul's Day, see Movable Holidays and Totensonntag in November.
Martinstag Martinmas 11. November (am elften Nov.) Traditional roast goose (Martinsgans) and lantern light processsions for children on the evening of the 10th. The 11th is also the official start of the Fasching/Karneval season in some regions.
Nikolaustag St. Nicholas Day 6. Dezember (am sechsten Dez.) - On this day the white-bearded St. Nicholas (not Santa Claus) brings gifts to children who left their shoes in front of the door the night before.
Feast of the Immaculate Conception 8. Dezember (am achten Dez.)
Heiligabend Christmas Eve 24. Dezember (am vierundzwanzigsten Dez.) - This is when German children receive their presents (die Bescherung) around the Christmas tree (der Tannenbaum).
   For Christmas and New Year's vocabulary see our English-German Christmas Glossary and Silvester Glossary.
Weihnachten* Christmas Day 25. Dezember (am fünfundzwanzigsten Dez.).
Second Day of Christmas 26. Dezember (am sechsundzwanzigsten Dez.). Known as Stephanstag, St. Stephen's Day, in Austria.
Silvester New Year's Eve 31. Dezember (am einunddreißigsten Dez.).
*Official national or regional holiday
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Januar-Juni | Juli-Dezember | Bewegliche Feste

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