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German Language Lab

How to Pronounce German

German Listening Practice

AUDIO Listen to the sounds of German!

Our German Language Lab offers audio for beginners or more advanced learners of German. Using the audio categories listed below, you can learn how to pronounce German correctly. By listening carefully to the sound in our German Language Lab, you'll have a model to imitate. Some language learners find it easier than others to get just the right sounds of German, but with a little effort you can do it! If you want to sound like a German, remember the German saying: Übung macht den Meister. (Practice makes perfect.)

Our audio files are in three main formats: (1) .wav and (2) .mp3 audio files for shorter segments, and (3) RealAudio streaming audio for longer segments. Most Web browsers already have a plug-in for .wav and .mp3 files, but if you don't have it, such software is free. For streaming audio, you'll need the free RealPlayer from Real.com (Download RealPlayer), Apple's free QuickTime application (for Mac or Windows), or some other streaming audio software. Please make sure you have a current version of any audio programs that you use.

Advanced Audio: Listening Exercises from Schau ins Land

German for Beginners - Contents
The Language Lab page is part of our series of lessons for beginners and intermediate learners who want to review the language. Many lessons include audio.

Listening Practice for German

German Pronunciation Guide
Beginning with the German alphabet and moving on to the sounds of consonants and vowels, plus pronunciation hazards, this guide includes a new streaming audio file with script.

Audio from Schau ins Land
Selected audio excerpts for intermediate to advanced learners from the German audiomagazine Schau ins Land—each complete with a study guide, glossary, full transcript, and test.

German Tongue Twisters - Audio
In German they're called "tongue breakers" (Zungenbrecher)! Listen and see if you can wrap your tongue around this selection of tongue twisters in German. More Zungenbrecher...

Adjectives and Colors (Lektion 5)
Listen to German phrases and words concerning adjectives and colors.

Das Alphabet - Das Abc
The German alphabet with exercises and sound.

German Words of the Week: 2005
Listen to past Words of the Day along with example sentences, organized by each week's words for 2005.

German Words of the Week: 2003
Listen to past Words of the Day along with example sentences, organized by each week's words for 2003.

Reading for Beginners - with Audio

Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten
A German fairy tale: "The Bremen Town Musicians" in German and English. A beginning-level reading selection with audio.

Eine Urlaubsreise 1
Follow the Kothe family as Heide and Jörg travel with their children Helga and Jan on vacation. A beginning-level reading selection with audio.

Im Kaufhaus
"At the Department Store" is a beginners reading selection with audio from Lesson 17 of German for Beginners.

More Audio Lessons

Family Vocabulary (Lektion 9)
Listen to German words and phrases related to the family. Part of Lektion 9 (Meine Familie und ich) of German for Beginners.

German Essentials - Audio
Streaming audio (with script) based on our quick guide to basic German: The German Essentials. Learn how to pronounce the essential words and phrases of German!

German Numbers (Audio)
All of the audio files for the German numbers from 0 to 100.

Greetings and Pleasantries (Lektion 1)
Listen to German phrases and words concerning common greetings and everyday courtesies.

How Do You Say “Porsche”?
In Part 3 of this article you'll find a link to an mp3 audio file related to the topic of mispronunciation of words by both Germans and English-speakers.

Land und Leute (Lektion 6)
Listen to German phrases and words concerning countries, languages and nationalities. With exercises.

Lesestücke - Reading Selections
Listen to German reading selections. We have audio for the Im Kaufhaus (At the Department Store) beginners reading selection, for instance.

Nouns and Gender (Lektion 3)
Audio of German phrases and words concerning nouns.

More German Audio and Listening Pages

Listening Tips for German
A guide to listening to online radio and other German media on the Web.

Listening to German
Sources and tips for listening to German audio - on and off-line.

Radio in German
Online audio from German-language radio and TV stations.

Daily German
The German word of the day (Wort des Tages) - in German and English - for beginners and advanced learners.

German Newsletters
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