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German Dictionaries - Vocabulary

English-German Glossaries from A to Z

An Index of our English-German Glossaries

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Annotated English-German and
German-English Glossaries

Note: This list includes ALL of our glossaries, but for more
detailed descriptions, see our main Glossaries page.



Almanac (Rivers, etc.)

Animals - Tierlexikon

Animal Sounds

ausmachen (verb meanings)

Austrian Dialect

Automobiles and Driving

Bad Words in German

Biblical - Religious


Body Vocabulary

Brand Names

Businesses - Stores

Business German

Calculator - Metric

Cars and Driving

Celebrations Feb/Mar

Celebrations Oct/Nov

Celebrations - Holidays

Cemetery - Graveyard

Chemical Elements

Christmas - Weihnachten

Cinema & Filmmaking


Cognates - English-German


Cooking: Food and Drink

Cooking and Recipes

Computers - Internet

Confusing Words


Countries - Nations

Counting and Numbers

Current Events

Dates and Time

Dative Verbs

Day by Day

Denglisch (English in German)

Dental - Dentist

Department Stores

Dining: Food and Drink (Eng-Ger)

Diseases & Cures

Disney Cartoon Characters

Dog and Cat Names

Driving: Traffic Signs

Easter Glossary

Eclipses - Solar



Euro & Money Glossary

False Friends/Cognates

Family & Relatives

Fasching - Karneval (Mardi Gras)

Film Titles in German

First Aid - Medical

Fish - Marine Animals

First Names


Flowers - Blumen

Food and Drink (English-German)

Food and Drink (Menu Guide)

Football - Soccer

Fraktur - Typografie

French Loan Words


Gender Hints

Genealogy Terms

Geography - Place Names

Germanic Genealogy

German Names

German Verbs (500+ verbs)

Good Wishes

Gothic Letters - Fraktur

Grammar Terms Glossary

Graveyard - Cemetery


Harry Potter Glossary

Historic Geographic Names

Holidays - Celebrations

Horoscope - Zodiac


House and Home

Human Body, The

Idioms & Sayings

Illnesses and Cures

Inventions - Inventors

Internet and Computing


Karneval - Mardi Gras (Fasching)

Land und Leute

Languages and Countries

lassen (verb meanings)

Latin in German

Lawn & Garden


Longest German Word?

Looney Tunes Characters

Love & Affection

Lyrics in German and English

Mardi Gras - Karneval (Fasching)

Marine Animals - Fish

Medical Vocabulary

menschlicher Körper

Menu and Dining (Menu Guide)

Menu: Food and Drink (Eng-Ger)

Metric Calculator

Modal Verbs

Money & Euro Glossary

Motoring and Cars

Movie Titles in German

Names in German

Nations - Nationality

News: English-German

News: German-English

New Year's - Silvester

Noun Gender

Numbers and Counting

Oktoberfest Glossary

Osterlexikon (Easter)

Pets: German Names

Phrasebook: Fashion

Picture Flashcards


Political Parties

Postal Vocabulary

Prefixes - Verbs

Quote of the Day

Real Estate - Housing

Real Estate Ad Abbreviations

Recipes and Cooking

Reflexive Verbs

Religion & Bible

Religion & Faiths

Restaurant (Menu/Dining)

Rivers - Flüsse

Romance and Love

Saint Nicholas & Christmas

schon, The Many Uses of

School & Education

Shakespeare in German


Shops - Stores

Soccer - Football

Songbirds - Singvögel

Song Lyrics (German & English)

Sports - Olympics

Surnames in German

Swearing in German


Teeth - Dental

Telephone - On the Phone

Terrorism Glossary

Thanksgiving - Erntedankfest

'Thank you' in German

Thesaurus (German)

Tierlexikon (Animals)

Time and Dates

Tongue Twisters - Zungenbrecher

Top 1000 German Words

Top 20 German Verbs

Traffic Signs



Trees and Wood Types

Typografie - Typography


Verb-Lexikon (500+ verbs)

Verb Prefixes (Sep./Insep.)


Wood Varieties

Word of the Day

Word Pairs (often confused)

Words to Avoid

Words of the Year

Zodiac, Signs of the

Note: This list includes ALL of our glossaries, but for more
detailed descriptions, see our main Glossaries page.

Daily Vocabulary

Daily German
A new German word or expression every weekday - for beginners or advanced learners.

Das Zitat des Tages
A daily quotation in German and English.

Glossary and Dictionary Pages

German Vocabulary
All of our glossaries and dictionaries for German.

Links for print and online dictionaries for German.

Practice German vocabulary with these picture flashcards from your Guide.

Links for German translation resources and translation organizations.

Links for German vocabulary and expressions.

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