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German Grammar

Grammatik: A German Grammar Guide

Grammar Lessons and References by Topic

Learn German grammar! Select a topic or resource below. For German vocabulary, see Glossaries and Special Dictionaries

Grammar Topics
Adjectives and Adverbs Prepositions and Cases
Cases: Acc., Dat., Gen., Nom. Pronunciation
Exercises and Quizzes Spelling / Rechtschreibung
Gender, Nouns, Pronouns Verbs and Conjugation
Particles (aber, auch, doch, mal...) Word Order and Syntax
See our special grammar dictionary!
German Grammar Glossary
German grammar terms in plain English


German Verb Conjugator
Find the conjugation of common German verbs - in all tenses.

Strong German Verbs - Ablaut Classes
Learning the vowel patterns of strong German verbs makes it easier to conjugate them.

Free Online German Course

German for Beginners
No book required. 20 lessons, many with sound!


Doch! …and Other Tricky German Words
How to identify and use German particles such as aber, auch, denn, mal, schon, etc.

Wennschon, dennschon - Schon mal!
The many meanings and uses of the short German word schon.

Word Order and Syntax

German Word Order 1
A helpful guide to German syntax. Normal word order in German.

German Word Order 2
A helpful guide to German syntax, Part 2. Subordinate and relative clauses.

German Grammar Terms Explained

German Grammar Glossary
Grammar terms in English and German - with explanations in plain English.

German Newsletters
Our free German lesson newsletters.

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