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Halloween Glossary

German-English Part 1

October Customs > Halloween > Activities for German

GAME > Halloween Hangman



r Apfel (Äpfel) - apple(s)

Allerheiligen - All Saints Day
   (Nov. 1, short for Tag der Allerheiligen)

ausgehöhlter Kürbis jack-o'lantern, hollowed-out pumpkin

r Bonbon hard candy

r Dämon demon

dekorieren to decorate
dekoriert decorated

erleuchten to light up (a pumpkin)

erschrecken to scare, frighten

e Fratze (-n) face, mask; ugly face, pose
s Fratzen-Fest lit., "mask/face" festival
r Fratzenmacher someone who makes faces
Fratzen schneiden/ziehen to make faces, cut faces (in pumpkin)

r Friedhof (-höfe) cemetery, graveyard


r Geist (-er) ghost(s), spirit(s)

e Geistergeschichte (-n) ghost story

s Gespenst (Gespenster) ghost(s), spectre(s), phantom(s)
e Gespenstergeschichte ghost story
e Gespensterstunde the witching hour

gespentisch/spukhaft spooky

s Grab (Gräber) grave(s), tomb(s)

r Grabstein gravestone, tombstone

Grusel- (in compounds) horror-
   s Gruselmärchen (-) horror tale(s)
   r Gruselfilm horror movie

gruselig horror-like, monstrous

Halloween feiern to celebrate Halloween

heidnisch heathen, non-Christian

e Hexe (-n) witch(es)

r Horror horror
   r Horrorfilm horror movie
   e Horrorszene horror scene

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