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German Reading Selections

Deutsche Lesestücke

Introduction - Einleitung

Now with dual-language, German-English selections

Welcome to our series of German reading selections! Our Lesestück series presents short reading selections at various levels of difficulty — beginner to advanced.

Each reading comprehension selection features a German text with accompanying questions. After reading the selection carefully, you should be able to answer the questions that follow (for most selections). Some of our reading selections also have audio to help you with pronunciation.

Each selection will display a difficulty rating to guide the reader. For instance:

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Mid-Intermediate to Advanced
DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Beginner to Advanced Beginner

These difficulty levels are only a guideline, and some learners/readers may be able to handle a higher difficulty level than others at the same level.

Most of our reading selections have German-English glossaries to help you with vocabulary. The beginner-level selections also have special pop-up English glosses for some vocabulary and a German-English glossary of key vocabulary in the reading text. Also see our dual-language (German/English) selections that allow you to compare each language page by page.

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