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"Run Lola Run" Film Exercises
Lola rennt - Übungen

ArbeitsblätterClassroom Worksheets

The following German-language exercises and worksheets are designed to be used in connection with viewing the German film Lola rennt (Run Lola Run). Teachers and students can use these Übungen to test comprehension of the German in the film. Print out each exercise you want to use at home or in class. (In some cases, we advise covering the English subtitles, particularly for the "Numbers" exercise.) Teachers may wish to mix, combine, or otherwise modify the various types of exercises below. Simply use "Save as text" to copy each exercise to your computer to print and/or edit.

Exercises A-D are limited to the first segment of the movie (approx. the first 25 minutes). The multiple choice exercises (A, B) make it easier for even beginners to participate—using the principle of "don't simplify the German, simplify the task." The numbers exercise (C) may require some advance preparation by/for beginners. The open-ended questions (Fragen - D) are more suitable for intermediate or advanced students/learners. We have also included additional exercises and projects by several German teachers that deal with all of the film.

All of the exercises should be carefully studied before viewing the film and attempting to provide the answers.

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Students may also enjoy visiting several German "Lola rennt" Web sites. See our Lola Links page, which also links to reviews of the movie in German and English.

Teachers: For an annotated answer key see the Lola Key for exercises A-D.

Run Lola Run: Exercises / Übungen

Even beginners can do many of the following exercises. Exercises for intermediate or advanced students/learners are so indicated.

A. Wer sagt das? (Who says it?)
Identify the character in the film who speaks the lines of dialog indicated.

B. Wo sagt man das? (Where do they say it?)
Identify the location in the film where the lines of dialog indicated are spoken.

C. Nummern/Zahlen (Numbers)
Identify the amount or figure concerned, based on the German dialog. (Subtitles should be hidden/turned off.)

D. Fragen (Questions - intermediate/advanced)
Answer these open-ended questions, based on the German dialog.

E. More Exercises (intermediate/advanced) from German teachers

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