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Lola rennt - Berlin Locations

A Photographic Tour of Shooting Locales - Drehorte

Oberbaumbruecke in Berlin
Berlin's historic Oberbaumbrücke was a key location for
Lola rennt. The same bridge is seen in The Bourne
. For more location photos see below.
Foto: © Hyde Flippo

Berlin Locations for Run Lola Run - Lolas Berlin

From the beginning, the Lola rennt filmmakers, most of them residents of Berlin, wanted to show the German capital from its less-familiar side. Producer Stefan Arndt: "Also einmal nicht Bahnhof Zoo, Gedächtniskirche, und so weiter. Sondern die faszinierenden Orte, die erst auf den zweiten Blick zu entdecken sind." ("So for once, no Zoo Station, Memorial Church, and so on, but rather the fascinating places that are only discovered by a second look.") - Here's a virtual Lola "tour" of the German capital:

Locations for Run Lola Run

Scenes for Lola rennt were shot in both the eastern and western parts of Berlin. Some of the key Berlin locations:

Lola's Berlin apartment
Lola's apartment in Lola rennt.
See larger view.
Foto: © Hyde Flippo

  • The opening scene of Lola's apartment house, where the camera zooms in from an aerial view of Berlin, was shot at an existing apartment house on Albrechtstraße, just half a block away from the Spree river in the center of Berlin. But the scenes of Lola running down the street, after she goes through the gate, were shot elsewhere.
  • The scenes of Lola running through the arches of a bridge (across the river Spree) were shot on the Oberbaumbrücke (Oberbaum Bridge, photo above).
  • The scene with Lola running and a yellow Berlin U-Bahn coming toward us on an overhead stretch of rail, seen with slight variations in each of the three segments, was also shot at the Oberbaumbrücke from the former West Berlin side of the Spree river.
  • As Lola is running to her father's bank, we see her crossing Friedrichstraße diagonally from Französische Str. to Behrenstraße. We can see the Französische Str. U-Bahn station entrance on a traffic island in the middle of the street.
  • Aerial view of Lola running across a square (with pattern of squares laid in stone): Berlin's Gendarmenmarkt (Gendarme Market Square). In the last segment there's also a nice low angle shot of Lola running across this square.
  • The bank exterior scenes were shot at a city government building facing the Bebelplatz. (See photos.)
  • Square in front of the bank (when Lola comes out after her holdup and finds a police SWAT team waiting): der Bebelplatz.

The "Lola" Berlin locations tour starts here:

TOUR > First Stop: Lolas Wohnung (Lola's Apartment)

Bridge plaque
This bridge was a key
shooting location.

Foto: © Hyde Flippo

Location 1: Lolas Wohnung
Location 2: Oberbaumbrücke
Location 3: Gendarmenmarkt
Location 4: Friedrichstraße
Location 5: Bebelplatz

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