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Mode- und Klamottenlexikon
An English-German Clothing Glossary

Mode und Klamotten > Article, Fashion Phrases

Die Dame trägt eine Volkstracht
aus dem Schwarzwald.
The lady
is wearing a traditional costume
from the Black Forest.

The vocabulary in this glossary is related to naming and describing items of clothing, getting dressed and shopping for clothing. It includes Herrenmode (men's fashions), Damenmode (women's fashions), a fashion phrasebook and metric clothing/shoe sizes (Konfektionsgrößen).

For colors, numbers and other related grammar and vocabulary, see the links at the end of this glossary section. To learn more current fashion and clothing terms, visit one or more of the German online clothing catalog stores (Otto, Quelle) by using the links at the end of the glossary.

Damen- und Herrenmode
Women's and Men's Fashions
Including Accessories and Fabrics
  NOTE: Noun gender is indicated by r (der), e (die), s (das). The plural ending/form is in ( ).
accessories  s Zubehör (-e)
apron  e Schürze (-n)
attire  e Kleidung
  formal attire  e Gesellschaftskleidung

baseball cap  e Basecap (-s)
bathing cap  e Bademütze (-n)
bathing suit  r Badeanzug (-züge)
bathing trunks  e Badehose (-n)
bathrobe  r Bademantel (-mäntel)
belt  r Gürtel (-)
bikini  r Bikini (-s)
blouse  e Bluse (-n)
blue jeans  Bluejeans (pl)
  Note: Some Germans use Jeans as a fem. sing. noun, but it should be plural.
bodice  s Mieder (-)
boot  r Stiefel (-)
  laced boot  r Schnürsstiefel (-)
bow tie  e Fliege (-n), e Schleife (-n)
boxer shorts  e Boxershorts (pl)
bra  r BH [BAY-HA] r Büstenhalter (-)
bracelet  s Armband (-bänder)
briefs  r Herrenslip (-s)
brooch  e Brosche (-n)
button  r Knopf (Knöpfe)

cap  e Mütze (-n)
clothing  e Kleidung, e Klamotten
  Kleider machen Leute.
  Clothes make the man.
coat  r Mantel (Mäntel)
collar  r Kragen (-)
corduroy  r Kord(samt)
costume jewelry  r Modeschmuck
cotton  e Baumwolle
   coarse cotton cloth  r Nessel
cuff (pants)  r Hosenaufschlag (-schläge)
cuff (sleeve)  r Ärmelaufschlag (-schläge), e Manschette (-n)
cufflink  r Manschettenknopf (-knöpfe)

dirndl dress  s Dirndlkleid (-er)
dress  s Kleid (-er)
dress (v.)  anziehen
   dressed (adj.)   angezogen
   get dressed   sich anziehen
   get undressed   sich ausziehen
   well dressed   gut gekleidet
dressing gown  r Morgenmantel (-mäntel)
dress up (costume)  sich verkleiden/herausputzen
dress up (formal)  sich fein machen/anziehen
duds (clothes)  e Klamotten

earring  r Ohrring (-e)
ear muffs  Ohrenschützer (pl)
evening attire (tails)  r Frack (Fräcke)

fabric  r Stoff (-e)
fashion  e Mode
fashionable  modisch
fashion plate, clothes horse (m.)
  der Modegeck (-en)
fashion plate, clothes horse (f.)
  die Modepuppe (-n)
    someone indifferent to fashion der Modemuffel (-)
flannel  r Flanell
fly (pants)  r Hosenschlitz (-e)
  Hosenschlitz or Hosenmatz is also slang for a "tot" or "toddler."
folk costume  e Volkstracht (-en)
  See photo at top of page.
formal attire  e Gesellschaftskleidung
fur coat  r Pelzmantel (-mäntel)

glasses (pair of)  e Brille (-n)
glove  r Handschuh (-e)
girdle  s Mieder (-)

handkerchief  s Taschentuch (-e)
hat  r Hut (Hüte)
hose, hosiery  Strümpfe (pl)

jacket  e Jacke (-n)
jacket (lady's)  s Jackett (-e)
  sports jacket  s Sportjackett
jeans  Jeans (pl)
  Note: Some Germans use Jeans as a fem. sing. noun, but it should be plural.

knee sock  r Kniestrumpf (-strümpfe)

ladieswear  e Damenbekleidung, e Damenmode
lapel  s Revers (-)
leather  s Leder (-)
leather jacket  e Lederjacke (-n)
leather pants (short)  e Lederhose (-n)
lederhosen  e Lederhose (-n)
linen  s Leinen
lingerie  Damenunterwäsche (pl),
  s Dessous (-)
lining  s Futter (-)
loafer, slip-on (shoe)  r Slipper (- or -s)
menswear  e Herrenbekleidung, e Herrenmode
mitten  r Fausthandschuh (-e)

necklace  e Halskette (-n)
necktie  e Krawatte (-n) Also see "tie" below.
nightshirt  s Herrennachthemd (-en)
nightie  s Nachthemd (-en)
nylon  s Nylon

overalls  r Overall (-s)
  The German word for "overalls" is singular unless speaking of more than one pair of overalls.

pajamas  r Pyjama (-s)
panties  r Slip (-s), r Schlüpfer (-), s Höschen (-)
  panty liner  e Slipeinlage (-n)
pants  e Hose (-n)
pants suit  r Hosenanzug (-züge)
panty hose  e Strumpfhose (-n)
parka  r Anorak (-s), r Parka (-s)
pendant  r Anhänger (-)
petticoat  r Unterrock (-röcke)
pocket  e Tasche (-n)
purse  e Handtasche (-n)

raincoat  r Regenmantel (-mäntel)
ring  r Ring (-e)

sandal  e Sandale (-n)
scarf  r Schal (-s), s Halstuch (-tücher)
seam  e Naht (Nähte)
  aus allen Nähten platzen
  to be bursting at the seams
shirt  s Hemd (-en)
shoe  r Schuh (-e)
shoelace  r Schnürsenkel (-)
shorts  Shorts (pl), e kurze Hose (-n)
silk  e Seide
ski pants  e Skihose (-n)
skirt  r Rock (Röcke)
slacks  e Hose (-n)
sleeve  r Ärmel (-)
  short-sleeved  kurzärmelig
slip  r Unterrock (-röcke)
slipper  r Hausschuh (-e), r Pantoffel (-n)
  Er ist ein Pantoffelheld.
  He's henpecked.
  Caution! In German Slipper refers to "loafers" or slip-on shoes. German Slip means briefs or panties!
sneaker, gym shoe  r Turnschuh (-e)
sock  e Socke (-n), r Strumpf (Strümpfe)
sports coat  r/s Sakko (-s)
suede  r Wildleder (-)
suit (man)  r Anzug (-züge)
suit (lady)  s Kostüm (-e)
sunglasses  e Sonnenbrille (-n)
suspenders (US), braces (UK)  r Hosenträger (-)
sweater  r Pullover (-s), r Pulli (-s)
sweatshirt  s Sweatshirt (-n)
swimsuit  r Badeanzug (-züge)
synthetic (fabric)  e Kunstfaser (-n)
  made of synthetics aus Kunstfasern

tails, formal wear  r Frack (Fräcke or -s)
tank top  r Pullunder (-s)
tennis shoe  r Tennisschuh (-e)
tie, necktie  e Krawatte (-n), r Schlips (-e)
  Ich will ihm nicht auf den Schlips treten.
  I don't want to step on his toes.
tie clip  r Krawattenhalter
tie pin  e Krawattennadel, e Schlipsnadel
   (neck)tie required  (der) Krawattenzwang
tights  e Strumpfhose (-n)
top hat  r Zylinder (-)
track suit  r Trainingsanzug (-züge)
traditional costume  e Tracht (-en)
trousers  e Hose (-n)
t-shirt  s T-Shirt (-s)
turn-up - See "cuff (pants)"
tux, tuxedo  r Smoking, r Frack (tails)
tweed  r Tweed

umbrella  r Regenschirm (-e)
underpants  e Unterhose (-n)
undershirt  s Unterhemd (-en)
underwear  e Unterwäsche (-n)

velvet  r Samt (-e)
vest  e Weste (-n)

waist  e Taille (-n)
  at the waist  in der Taille
waistcoat  e Weste (-n)
waist size  e Bundweite (-n)
wallet  e Brieftasche (-n), s Portmonee [Portmonnaie] (-s)
windbreaker  e Windjacke (-n)
wool  e Wolle
wrist watch  e Armbanduhr (-en)

zipper  r Reißverschluss (-e)

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