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Song Lyrics in German and English
The Beatles: GEH RAUS

NOTE: The German song lyrics below are provided for educational use only. No infringement of copyright is implied or intended. - Also see the English translation of these lyrics.


Anthology CD
The "Anthology" CD includes the
German version of "Get Back."

This version of "Get Back" is one of many "Get Back" versions the Beatles recorded, including rehearsals. It was recorded in London in 1969 during work on songs for the "Let It Be" film. This rough version of "Get Back" in German (and a little French) was never officially released, but it is included on the Beatles anthology two-CD set released in December 2000. The pseudo-German of the song sounds pretty good, but it has numerous grammatical and idiomatic errors. (See notes below.) It was probably recorded as an inside joke, perhaps in remembrance of the Beatles' days in Hamburg, Germany in the early 1960s when they got their real start as professional performers.

See comments about the German below the lyrics.

GEH RAUS - “Get Back”

Music: The Beatles - German Lyrics: Paul McCartney (?)

Geh weg! Geh weg! (raus!)
Geh weg! (raus!) nach [??]*, nach Haus
Geh weg, geh raus
Geh raus nach irgendeinem Haus
Geh weg nach Haus
Ja, Jacki
Ja, geh weg Jacki
Das war ja so gut!

Geh weg! Geh weg!
Geh raus nach deinem, deinem Haus
Geh wack! Geht raus!
Geht raus nach irgendeinem Haus!
Geht raus nach deinem Haus!
Ja, das ist gut Jacki
Und war auch gut, ja!

Und im [??] denkt sie sah ein Freundlich**
ja sie [??]
So sie sagt, [??] Bill, you be mein Freundlich
[??] 'rum
Geh raus, geh raus
Geht raus nach deinem mundigen Haus!
Geht raus, geht raus
Geht raus nach deinem freundlich Haus!
Geh raus, Melinda!
Geh raus nach deinem Haus! Ja!
Vielen Dank für die Blumen.
[French + German !]

> English Translation of this song

* Note: The German text (by Paul McCartney?) sung in this recording is often a sort of pidgin German. For instance, the familiar singular (du) command phrase Geh raus! ("Get out!/Go away!") sometimes becomes Geht raus!, which is a plural (ihr) command for more than one person. The phrase nach deinem Haus ("to your house") makes sense, but is not really idiomatic or natural German. That is why some of this transcribed text is not entirely accurate and parts are missing.

** Note: At this point in the song the German being sung is even less "authentic" and grammatically correct than that heard in the previous verses. The text here is a rough approximation of what is heard in the original recording, but it is difficult to transcribe, since the German is not what you could call "normal." [??] indicates words that could not be deciphered. If anyone knows what they are, please let me know. As for the "French" lines at the end, I can't vouch for them at all. - HF

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