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Song Lyrics in German and English
Die Prinzen - DEUTSCHLAND (English)

NOTE: The song lyrics below are provided for educational use only. No infringement of copyright is implied or intended. - Also see the original German lyrics for these translated lyrics.


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This is an irreverent, satirical song that makes a few pointed remarks about the homeland of "Die Prinzen." This single from the CD album "D" (for "Deutschland") was released on the 40th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall in 2001. ("...pünktlich zum 40. Jahrestag des Mauerbaus präsentieren Die Prinzen ihre Single "Deutschland".) Some references in the song text are borrowed from right-wing, neo-Nazi phrases, and the opening chorus of "Deutsch, deutsch, deutsch..." is reminiscent of Nazi times. But the song satirizes such overt patriotism and other behaviors that are "typisch Deutsch." In case there's any doubt this is satire, Die Prinzen use their favorite word ("Schwein") at the very end to replace "sein" ("to be").

Album: D (Deutschland) - available from the Apple iTunes Music Store

WARNING: Some words in these lyrics may be offensive to some people.


Also see the original German lyrics.

German, German, German...

Of course a German invented "Wetten, dass"*
Many thanks for the enjoyable hours
We're the friendliest customers in this world
We're modest - we have money
The very best in any sport
The taxes here set a world record
Visit Germany and stay here
It's this kind of visitor we wait for
Anyone who likes it can live here
We're the friendliest people in this world

German, German...

Just one little thing is out of whack
And that is, Schumacher** doesn't drive a Mercedes

All that is Germany - all that is us
You won't find that anywhere else - only here only here
All that is Germany - all that is us
We live and die here

German, German...

Many people are arrogant about Germany
And some think it's cool to be an a--hole
There are some who like to complain about Kanaken [foreigners]
And travel to Thailand every year to f---
We love our cars more than our women
Because we can trust German cars
God kissed the earth just once
Right on the spot where Germany is now
We're the best everywhere - naturally also in bed
And we're especially nice to dogs and cats

All that is Germany...

We're really good at busting someone in the chops
We can also be relied on for starting fires
We like order and cleanliness
We're always ready for a war
Friendly greetings to the world, understand
We can be proud of Germany... SWINE!

Swine, swine...

All that is Germany...

* "Wetten, dass" ("Wanna bet?") is a popular German TV quiz show.
** Michael Schumacher is a famous Formula 1 race driver and also the highest paid sports figure in the world.

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