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Glossar: Silvester/Neujahr

An English-German Glossary

New Year’s Terms and Wishes

mit typischen Neujahrsvorsätzen
with typical New Year's resolutions

Also see:
Dinner for One | It's About (German) Time | Silvester und das neue Jahr

MORE > German and Austrian New Year's Customs

Also: Wort des Tages and Wörter des Jahres

CARDS > New Year's Greetings - Send a free e-card!

beginning of the year   der Jahresanfang/Jahresbeginn

calendar   der Kalender

century   das Jahrhundert
   in the 21st century   im 21. Jahrhundert (im einundzwanzigsten...)

champagne/sparkling wine   der Champagner/Sekt

Champagner is strictly used only for genuine French champagne. Sekt refers to any sparkling wine, made in Germany or elsewhere.

change of years, turn of the year   der Jahreswechsel

cork   der Kork

corkscrew   der Korkenzieher, die Korklocke

German and Austrian New Year's Customs
Learn about Bleigießen and other traditions

date  das Datum

“Dinner for One”  „Der 90. Geburtstag oder Dinner for One“ is an annual New Year's TV event in Germany. Learn more...

end of the year  das Jahresende

firecracker(s)  der Knaller, der/das Knallbonbon(s), der Kracher
firecracker (big, heavy-duty)  der Böller (lit., "mortar")
firecracker (cherry bomb)  der Knallfrosch (-frösche)
fireworks, pyrotechnics  das Feuerwerk

Happy New Year!  Prosit Neujahr! - Send your New Year's Greetings in German!
Happy New Year!  einen guten Rutsch! (ins Neujahr)

Some linguists claim that this traditional New Year's expression in German has nothing to do with "sliding" (rutschen) into the new year—despite the fact that most German-speakers understand it that way. The expression may come from the Hebrew word "rosh," meaning "head" or "beginning"—thus the beginning of a new year. The expression could have come into German via the Yiddish for "a good beginning"—as in "Rosh Hashanah," the Jewish New Year. That would make it just one of many German (and English) expressions that come from Yiddish.

hot fire tongs punch  die Feuerzangenbowle
   See our Feuerzangenbowle Recipe

hot mulled wine  der Glühwein
   See our Glühwein Recipe

International Date Line  die Datumsgrenze

lead pouring  das Bleigießen (The custom of predicting the year ahead by pouring molten lead into water and "reading" the resulting patterns. Learn more > German and Austrian New Year's Customs)

midnight  die Mitternacht
   at midnight    um Mitternacht

Wort des Tages
Today's German word of the day

millennium  das Jahrtausend, das Millennium

month(s)  der Monat (die Monate)
   in January, in June   im Januar, im Juni

new year  das Neujahr, das Neue Jahr, ein neues Jahr
   Happy New Year!  Prosit Neujahr!
   in the New Year  im neuen Jahr

New Year's Eve  Silvester/der Silvesterabend
   on New Year's Eve  am Silvesterabend
   MORE > Silvester und das neue Jahr

New Year's Day  der Neujahrstag

new year's resolution  der Neujahrsvorsatz (-sätze), der gute Vorsatz (die guten Vorsätze)
   make New Year's resolutions  gute Vorsätze fassen

typische Neujahrsvorsätze (typical resolutions, phrases):

in the future  in Zukunft, künftig
to be more environmentally aware  umweltbewußter leben/sein
to be nicer/more friendly  netter/freundlicher sein
to live more healthily  gesünder leben
to lose, take off (weight/pounds)  (Gewicht/Kilo) abnehmen, ablegen
to quit smoking  mit dem/zum Rauchen aufhören
Beispiel: Im neuen Jahr werde ich gesünder leben.
Example: In the new year I'll live a more healthy lifestyle.

to predict  voraussagen, vorhersagen, prophezeien
prediction, prophecy  die Vorhersage, die Prophezeiung

rocket(s) (fireworks)  die Rakete(n)
Roman candle  die Leuchtkugel

toast n. der Trinkspruch, der Toast
toast v. toasten
   to propose a toast (to) einen Toast (auf...) ausbringen
See German Toasts: Trinksprüche for more.

turn of the century, the  die Jahrhundertwende

year(s)  das Jahr (-e)
   in 2006  2006 (zweitausendsechs), im Jahr 2006 (not in 2006!)
   the year 2000  das Jahr 2000 (zweitausend)
   the Y2K problem  das Y2K-Problem, das Jahr 2000-Problem
   Y2K compliant  Jahr-2000-fest

MORE > German and Austrian New Year's Customs

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