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English-German Sports Glossary

Olympic and Sports Vocabulary

Part 1 (A-L)

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  Noun genders indicated by: r (der, masc.), e (die, fem.), s (das, neu.)
  Abbreviations: adj. (adjective), n. (noun), v. (verb), pl. (plural), sing. (singular)


amateur (n.)  r Amateur, e Amateurin

athlete (n.)  r Athlet/e Athletin, r Sportler/e Sportlerin

athletic, good at sports (adj.)  sportlich

athletics (n., pl.)  e Athletik (sing. only), r Sport (sing. only)


badminton  s Badminton
  shuttlecock der Federball

ball  r Ball (r Fußball = soccer ball)

baseball (n.)  r Baseball
  baseball bat  r Baseballschläger
  baseball cap  r Basecap, e Baseballmütze
  (baseball) base  s Mal, s Base
    on second base  auf Mal/Base zwei
  (baseball) batter  r Schlagmann
  (baseball) pitcher  r Werfer, r Pitcher

Baseball, a popular game in the US, Canada, Japan, Cuba and parts of Central America, is a rare game in Germany and Europe. But baseball caps (Basecaps) are very popular there.

basketball  r Basketball

For the names of many different sports (Sportarten), see our Sports Names page.

beach volleyball  r Strandvolleyball

bicycle, bike (n.)  s Fahrrad, s Rad, s Velo (Swiss Ger.)
  motorbike  s Motorrad, e Maschine
  mountain bike  s Mountainbike

blade, runner (on skates, sled)  e Kufe (-n)
  r Kufenstar ice-skating star

bodybuilding  s Muskeltraining, s Bodybuilding

broad jump (n.)  r Weitsprung


caddie (n., golf)  r Caddie

championship (n.)  e Meisterschaft (-en)
  European Championship  e Europameisterschaft (EM) (soccer)
  world championship  e Weltmeisterschaft

champion (n.)  r Meister, e Meisterin
  European champion  r Europameister

cleat, spike (on shoe)  r Stollen (-), r Spike (-s)

coach (athletics) (n.)  r Trainer

compete for (a medal) (v.)  kämpfen um (eine Medaille)

cricket (game) (n.)  s Kricket
  cricket bat  s Schlagholz
  cricket match  s Kricketspiel
  cricket pitch  s Kricketfeld

crossbar (goal)  e Torlatte

cycling (n.)  der Radsport, s Radfahren


defender (soccer, etc.)  r Verteidiger

defense, defenders  e Verteidigung

do/engage in sports (v.)  Sport treiben
  I do sports/engage in sports.  Ich treibe Sport.
  I do gymnastics.  Ich bin in Gymnastik. / Ich mache Gymnastik.

doping  s Doping

a draw, tied (adj.)  unentschieden

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engage in/do sports  Sport treiben
  She likes to do sports.  Sie treibt Sport gern.

equestrian (rider)  r Reiter, e Reiterin

equestrian event(s)  s Reiten


face mask (sports)  e Gesichtsmaske

face-off (ice hockey)  s Bully

fan (of sports)  r Fan, r Sportliebhaber

favorite (adj.) (game, sport)  Lieblings- (s Lieblingsspiel, r Lieblingssport)

fencer (sportr Fechter (-), die Fechterin (-nen)
fencing  s Fechten
  with épées Degen fechten
  with foils Florett fechten
  with sabres Säbel fechten

field, pitch (sports field)  s (Sport)Feld, r (Sport)Platz

final(s), the final round  s Finale, r Endkampf
  semi-finals  s Halbfinale

final lap/race  r Endlauf

finish line  s Ziel, e Ziellinie

finishing tape  s Zielband

football  r Fußball (soccer, European football)

Fußball is often referred to as "König Fußball" (King Soccer) in Germany because of that sport's dominant position over any other Sportart. See the Fußball/Soccer German-English glossary.

Sports/Olympics Quiz

football (American)  r (amerikanische) Football
football (soccer)  r Fußball

For the names of many different sports (Sportarten), see our Sports Names page.

Formula One (racing)  e Formel-Eins, Formel-1

forward, striker (soccer)  r Stürmer
  See the Fußball/Soccer German-English glossary.

freestyle (swimming) (n.)  r Freistil
  the 400m freestyle  der 400m-Freistil
  freestyle relay (race)  die Freistilstaffel


game(s) (n.)  s Spiel(e), r Wettkampf (match, competition)

to go in for (a sport)  (eine Sportart) ausüben, betreiben

goal (soccer, hockey)  s Tor
  score/shoot a goal  ein Tor schiessen

goalie, goalkeeper  r Tormann, r Torwart/e Torwartin, r Torhüter/e Torhüterin

goal post (n.)  r Torpfosten

golf (n.)  s Golf
  golf ball  r Golfball
  golf cap  e Golfmütze
  golf cart  s Golfkart
  golf club  r Golfschläger
  golf course  r Golfplatz
  golfer  r Golfspieler, e Golfspielerin
  golf tournament  s Golfturnier
  (golf) green  s Green

The German word Golf has two meanings and two genders. The masculine form, der Golf means "gulf" in English. The game is das Golf.

good at/in sports, athletic  gut im Sport, sportlich

gymnasium (n.)  e Turnhalle, e Sporthalle

The word gymnasium comes from Greek. A gymnasion was originally a place for physical and mental training. English took the physical side, while German uses the mental meaning. In German, das Gymnasium is an academic secondary school.

gymnastics (n.)  e Gymnastik

gymnastic (adj.)  gymnastisch

gym shoes (n., pl.)  e Turnschuhe

gym suit (n.)  r Trainingsanzug


hole (golfe Bahn, s Loch
  on the ninth hole  auf der neunten Bahn
  on the ninth hole  auf dem neunten Loch
  the 17th hole  die 17. Bahn, das 17. Loch

high jump  r Hochsprung

hit (n.)  r Treffer

hit (the ball) (v.)  (den Ball) schlagen (schlug, geschlagen)

hurdles (n., pl.)  r Hürdenlauf (running), s Hürdenrennen (equestrian)

Olympische Links


injury (n.)  e Verletzung


javelin (n.)  das Speerwerfen

jog (v.)  joggen (joggte, gejoggt)

jogging suit (n.)  r Jogging-Anzug

jump (n.)  r Sprung
  broad/long jump (n.)  r Weitsprung
  high jump (n.)  r Hochsprung

jump (v.)  springen


kick (v.)  kicken (kickte, gekickt)

kick (n.)  r Kick (a kick in soccer, football)

The noun der Kicker/die Kickerin in German refers to a soccer/football player, not just someone playing the position of "kicker." The verb "to kick" can take several forms in German (treten, schlagen). The verb kicken is usually limited to sports.


league  e Liga
  German Federal League (soccer)  die Bundesliga

long jump (n.)  r Weitsprung

lose (v.)  verlieren (verlor, verloren)
  We lost (the game).  Wir haben (das Spiel) verloren.

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