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English-German Sports Glossary

Olympic and Sports Vocabulary (M-Z)

Part 2 (M-Z)

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  Noun genders indicated by: r (der, masc.), e (die, fem.), s (das, neu.)
  Abbreviations: adj. (adjective), n. (noun), v. (verb), pl. (plural), sing. (singular)


medal (n.)  e Medaille
  bronze medal  die Bronzemedaille
  silver medal  die Silbermedaille
  gold medal  die Goldmedaille

medley, individual medley (race)  e Lagen (pl.)
  the 4x100m medley relays  die 4x100m Lagen

motocross  s Motocross

motorcycle, motorbike  s Motorrad, e Maschine

motor racing  r Motorsport

mountain bike  s Mountainbike

mountain climbing, mountaineering (n.)  s Bergsteigen

For the names of many different sports (Sportarten), see our Sports Names page.


net (n.)  s Netz


Olympiad  e Olympiade, die Olympischen Spiele

Eine Olympiade was originally the four-year period between Olympic Games. Because of the importance of the Olympics, the ancient Greeks measured time by Olympiads. The Games must take place in the first year of each Olympiad.

Olympic flame  das olympische Feuer

The custom of bringing das olympische Feuer and die olympische Fackel from Olympia, Greece to the Olympic site - and having the sacred fire burn during the Games - began at the Berlin Games in 1936.

Olympic torch  die olympische Fackel

Olympic village  das olympische Dorf

The first olympisches Dorf was built for the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

Olympics  e Olympiade, die Olympischen Spiele
  the Olympic Games (n. pl.)  die Olympischen Spiele

opening ceremonies (Olympics)  die (olympische) Eröffnungsfeier

The first modern Olympiade took place in 1896 in Athens (Athen) with just 13 nations participating. The 2004 Athens Olympiad is the 28th to be held since then. The Games have been held every four years (alle vier Jahre) since 1896 - with the exception of the war years 1916 and 1940. The Winter Games began in 1924 in Chamonix in Frankreich.

opponent  r Gegner, e Gegnerin

ATHEN 2004
Olympische Links


pentathlete  r Fünfkämpfer
pentathlon (event)  r Fünfkampf

pitch (baseball, cricket) (n.)  r Wurf, r Pitch

pitch, field (sports)  s (Sport)Feld, r (Sport)Platz

pitch, throw, toss (v.)  werfen (warf, geworfen)

pitcher (baseball, cricket)  r Werfer, r Pitcher

piton (n.)  r Felshacken (for mountaineering)

play (v.)  spielen (spielte, gespielt)

player  r Spieler (m.), e Spielerin (f.)

playoff (game), deciding game  s Entscheidungsspiel, r Entscheidungskampf
  final(s) (n.)  s Finale

point (points) (n.)  r Punkt (e Punkte)

pole vault (n.)  r Stabhochsprung

polo  s Polo
  water polo (n.)  r Wasserball

pro, professional (n.)  r Profi, r Berufssportler

putt (n., golf)  r Putt
putting green  s Green


race (auto, foot, etc.) (n.)  s Rennen, r Wettlauf
  horse race  s Pferderennen
  motor race  s Motorrennen, s Autorennen

referee, umpire (n.)  r Schiedsrichter

relay race, relay team (n.)  r Staffellauf, e Staffel
  freestyle relay (race)  die Freistilstaffel

results (scores) (n., pl.)  e Entscheidung (sing.), die Resultate (pl.)

run (v.)  laufen (lief, ist gelaufen), rennen (rannte, ist gerannt)

runner (n.)  r Läufer, e Läuferin

running (n.)  s Laufen, s Rennen

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score (n.)  s Ergebnis, r Punktstand, e Punktzahl, e Entscheidung, r Score (golf only)
  scoreboard (n.)  e Anzeigetafel
  The score was Adler 2, Fire 0.  Es stand 2:0 (zwei zu null) für Adler (gegen Fire).
  What's the score?  Wie steht's?

score (a goal, point) (v.)  ein Tor schießen, einen Punkt erzielen/machen

scoreless, nil (adj.)  null zu null, torlos (football, soccer)

scores, times, results (n., pl.)  e Entscheidung (sing.), die Resultate (pl.)

serve (tennis) (v.)  aufschlagen (schlug auf, aufgeschlagen)

shinguard, shinpad  r Schienbeinschutz

shot put (n.)  s Kugelstoßen

shoot, fire (gun) (v.)  schießen (pron. SHEE-sen)
shooting (n.)  s Schießen
shooting club  r Schießverein shooting match  s Wettschießen
shooting range  r Schießplatz, r Schießstand
shooting practice  e Schießübung

soccer (football)  r Fußball
  See the Fußball/Soccer German-English glossary and Sportarten

spectator(s)  r Zuschauer (die Zuschauer)

spectator sport  r Publikumssport

spike (on shoe)  r Spike (-s)

sport(s) (n.)  r Sport (singular only)
  sports equipment  e Sportartikel (pl.)
  sporting/sports event  e Sportveranstaltung
  sports field  s Sportfeld, r Sportplatz
  sports medicine  e Sportmedizin
  sportswear  e Sportkleidung
  type of sport (the sport)  die Sportart
  types of sports  die Sportarten (pl.)

The German word Sport is only used in the singular. To say "sports" - as in types of sports - you say Sportarten. For the names of many Sportarten, see our Names of Sports page.

sport-loving, good in sports, athletic (adj.)  sportlich

stadium(s)  s Stadion (die Stadien, pl.)

stage (of a race, event)  e Etappe
  in the first stage  in der ersten Etappe

stock-car racing  s Stockcarrennen

stopwatch  e Stoppuhr

striker, forward (soccer)  r Stürmer
  See the Fußball/Soccer German-English glossary.

swim (v.)  schwimmen (schwamm, ist geschwommen)

swimming (n.)  s Schwimmen

For the names of many different sports (Sportarten), see our Sports Names page.

swimming pool(s) (n.)  s Schwimmbad (-bäder), r Swimmingpool (-pools, pl.)
  indoor swimming pool (n.)  s Hallenbad


table tennis, ping pong (n.)  r Tischtennis

tackle, tackling (n.)  tiefes Fassen, s Fassen und Halten, s Tackling

tackle (v.)  (tief) fassen (und halten)

target, finish line  s Ziel
  target practice  e Schießübung

  shooting target  e Schießscheibe

team (n.)  e Mannschaft, s Team

team sports (n., pl.)  e Mannschaftssportarten (pl.)

tennis (n.)  s Tennis
  tennis clothes  die Tenniskleidung
  tennis court  r Tennisplatz
  tennis racket  r Tennisschläger
  tennis shoes  e Tennisschuhe (pl.)

throw, toss, pitch (v.)  werfen (warf, geworfen)

tied, a draw (adj.)  unentschieden

time (an event) (v.)  stoppen, die Zeit messen/nehmen

timekeeper (person) (n.)  r Zeitnehmer, e Zeitnehmerin

timekeeping (n.)  e Zeitmessung

times (n., pl.)  e Zeiten (pl.), e Entscheidung (sing.)

track (athletic)  e Bahn, e Rennbahn

track and field  e Leichtathletik (sing. only)

For the names of track-and-field events, see our Sports Names page.

training (n.)  s Trainieren, e Ausbildung

train, work out (v.)  trainieren


umpire, referee  r Schiedsrichter


water polo  r Wasserball

win (v.)  gewinnen (gewann, gewonnen)
  They won (the game).  Sie haben (das Spiel) gewonnen.

world championship  e Weltmeisterschaft (WM)

World Cup (soccer)  r Weltpokal
  Also see the Fußball/Soccer German-English glossary.

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