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Germanic Surname Lexikon 2

German Last Names with English Meanings

German Surnames - Part 2 (L-Z)
This is the second part of our Germanic surname glossary. For each surname in this glossary we have provided the English meaning, which may or may not be a surname in English. This is not a list of equivalent names, but rather a sampling of English translations or meanings of German names. In many cases, there may be several possible origins or translations for a surname. The translation shown for a surname may not be the only possibility. Some names are derived from Old German and may have a different meaning from that in modern German. Name research is not always an exact science.

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Germanic Last Names (L-Z)
With English Meanings
Nachname Last Name English Meaning
Lang long
Famous Name: Austrian film director Fritz Lang (1890-1976) produced the silent film classic "Metropolis" (1927) in Germany and later went to Hollywood.
Lehmann/Lemann serf, fief man
Lehrer teacher
Loewe/Lowe lion
Famous Name: Vienna-born composer Frederick "Fritz" Loewe (1901-1988) was part of the musical team of Lerner and Loewe, famous for a series of popular Broadway musicals and films ("Brigadoon," "Camelot," "My Fair Lady," "Gigi"). Web > Frederick Loewe - Songwriters Hall of Fame
Luft air
Mahler/Mehler grinder, miller
Maier/Meier/Meyer dairy farmer; landowner
Mauer/Maur wall
Famous Name: The family of Canadian-born rock singer Melissa Auf der Maur (1972- ) comes from Switzerland. Web > Melissa Auf der Maur
Maurer mason
Meister master
Metzger butcher
Meier/Meyer/Maier dairy farmer; landowner
Mueller/Muller miller
Moench/Muench monk
Nacht night
Nadel needle
Nagel nail
Naumann/Neumann new man
Neudorf/Neustadt new town (Newton)
Nussbaum nut tree
Oster east, Easter
Osterhagen east grove, hedge
Ostermann eastern man
ALSO SEE: German Last Names - More about German family names from your Guide. For the new Duden FAMILIENNAMEN book with the origin and meaning of 20,000 German names see our Books: German Names.
Pabst/Papst pope
Pfaff cleric, parson
Pfeffer pepper
Pfeifer/Pfeiffer piper
Probst/Propst provost
Reinhard(t) determined
Reiniger cleaner, cleanser, purifier
Richter judge
Ritter knight
Roth red
Rothschild red shield
Rothstein red stone
Saenger/Sanger singer
Sankt saint
Schäfer/Schaefer shepherd
Scherer shearer, barber
Schiffer boatman
Schmidt/Schmitt smith
Schneider tailor
Scholz/Schulze mayor
Schreiber scribe, scribner, writer
Schreiner joiner, cabinet maker
Schroeder/Schroder drayman, cart pusher (Carter)
Schuhmacher shoemaker
Schultheiss/Schultz debt broker; mayor
Schulz/Schulze/Scholz mayor
Schuster/Shuster cobbler, shoemaker
Schwab Swabian, from Swabia
Schwartz/Schwarz black
Schweitzer/Schweizer Swiss; dairy man
Seiler roper
Famous Name: Two Seilers > Austrian ski champ and gold medal
winner Tony Seiler (in the 1950s and '60s) and Swiss auto racing driver Toni Seiler (1958- ).
Sommer summer
Strauss bouquet
Thalberg valley (and) mountain
Theiss/Theissen form of Matthias
Traugott trust in God
Trommler drummer
Unger Hungarian
Urner of Uri (Swiss canton)
Vogel bird
Vogler fowler, bird man
Vogt steward
von of (indicates nobility)
Waechter warden, watchman
Wagner wagoner, wainwright
Wannemaker basket maker
Weber weaver
Wechsler/Wexler money changer
Weiss/Weisz white/wheat
Famous Name: Did you know that escape artist Harry Houdini (1874-1926) was born Ehrich Weiss (Weiß) in Budapest?
Web > Harry Houdini - PBS
Weissmuller wheat miller
Famous Name: Actor and Olympic swimming champ Johnny Weissmuller (1904-1984) is considered the best movie "Tarzan" of all time.
Web > Weissmuller - German-Hollywood Connection
Werfel/Wurfel die (dice), cube
Winkel corner, angle
Wirth/Wirtz innkeeper, landlord
Wolf/Wulf wolf
Wurfel/Werfel die (dice), cube
Famous Name: The Austrian Franz Werfel (1890-1945) was a novelist (The Song of Bernadette) and poet who had a brief Hollywood career during his California exile years.
Ziegler brick or tilemaker
Zimmer room; short for "carpenter" (below)
Famous Name: Hollywood film music composer Hans Zimmer (1957- ) received an Oscar for his "Lion King" score.
Zimmermann/Zimmerman carpenter
Famous Name: Did you know that Bob Dylan was born Robert Zimmerman, or that Ethel Merman's real name was Ethel Zimmerman?
Zweig twig, branch
ALSO SEE: German Last Names - More about German family names from your Guide. For the new Duden FAMILIENNAMEN book with the origin and meaning of 20,000 German names see our Books: German Names.

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