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German Thanksgiving Glossary

Annotated English-German Glossary

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Thanksgiving Vocabulary

Wortschatz rund um Erntedankfest!

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  Noun genders are indicated by: r (der, masc.), e (die, fem.), s (das, neu.)
  Abbreviations: adj. (adjective), Br. (British), n. (noun), pl. (plural), v. (verb)


America  (das) Amerika
   Central America  Mittelamerika
   North America  Nordamerika
   South America  Südamerika

The Pilgrims came to a place called “America” because of German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller (1470-1520), who named the continent after explorer Amerigo Vespucci when he created the first world map to bear the name America (1507).


bishop  r Bischof (Bischöfe)

blessing  r Segen
   to count your blessings  dankbar sein für das, was einem beschert ist; sich glücklich schätzen

bread  s Brot


carve (the turkey)  (den Truthahn) schneiden, vorschneiden

church  e Kirche (-n)
   in church  in der Kirche
   to church  in die Kirche, zur Kirche

corn, maize, Indian corn  r Mais

Do not confuse the German word das Korn with the similar English word. Das Korn refers to grain in general.

cornucopia, horn of plenty   s Füllhorn, (fig.) e Fülle (plenty, abundance)

cranberry  e Cranberry (-s), e Preiselbeere (-n)
   cranberries (pl.)  Cranberrys

cranberry sauce  s Cranberrymus

NOTE: Cranberries are somewhat smaller than Preiselbeeren. German uses the English word for cranberries, but forms the plural with -ys rather than -ies.

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dine, eat (v.)  essen

dinner  s Abendbrot, s Abendessen

dressing (salad)  s Dressing, e Salatsoße
dressing (stuffing)  e Füllung


eat, dine (v.)  essen


fall, autumn  r Herbst
   in the fall  im Herbst

family  e Familie

food   s Essen

fork  e Gabel


goose  e Gans
   geese  e Gänse

Goose is a traditional holiday dish in Europe. The goose is also a symbol of St. Martin because of the legend associated with him. Martin is said to have hidden in a stall to avoid the ceremony appointing him Bishop of Tours. Gabbling geese gave him away.

gourd die Kürbisflasche (-n)

grateful, thankful (adj.)  dankbar

gravy  e Soße, e Sauce (more formal)

Eine Soße can also be a salad dressing. The basic meaning is "sauce" and to make it clear, one may say Bratensoße or Fleischsoße for gravy; Salatsoße or das Dressing for salad dressing.

gravy bowl/boat  e Soßenschüssel

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harvest (n.)   e Ernte
harvest (v.)   ernten

horn of plenty, cornucopia   s Füllhorn


Indian, native American  r Indianer

Unlike English, German makes a distinction between an American Indian (Indianer) and someone from India (Inder). The German term for "native Americans" is amerikanische Ureinwohner (pl.).


lunch  s Mittagessen


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