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Germanic Trivia

German Cultural and Language Trivia

Austria | Germany | Switzerland

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Germanic Trivia Topics
Below you'll find a collection of trivia topics related to the language and cultures of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Click on a topic to learn more about Germanic history, culture, and the German language.

Germanic Trivia
1. The Wedding March(es) Here comes the bride... The German origins of several traditional musical choices for weddings
2. The Swiss Guard They guard the pope and they're called "Swiss"—but is the Vatican's Swiss Guard truly Swiss?
3. The House of Windsor The House of Hanover, the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha... Is British royalty actually German royalty?
4. Miscellaneous Trivia Babe Ruth, cobalt, and more... Assorted interesting and amusing Germanic trivia
5. Germanic Inventions Who invented or discovered it? Germanic trivia—from aspirin to zeppelin. With a fun quiz.
German Guessing Game - Biographical Trivia
Ratespiel - Wer bin ich? A bilingual biographical guessing game. Who is the famous or not-so-famous Germanic personality?
Germanic Trivia: Movies in/for German
Germanic Movie Trivia A collection of film trivia topics related to motion pictures made in Hollywood and films from Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.
Germanic Trivia: Myths and Misnomers
German Misnomers, Myths, Mistakes Does Hitler really deserve credit for the autobahn? Did JFK say he was a jelly doughnut?
Also see > Famous Germans, Austrians, Swiss and Famous German-Americans

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You are here:
  Famous Germans > Inventors > Trivia

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