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Food and Drink Glossary

An Annotated Glossary for
Dining, Food and Drink

With Eating Phrasebook

Part of German for Beginners: Lesson 13

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Noun genders: r (der, masc.), e (die, fem.), s (das, neu.)
Plural form/ending in parentheses: e Vorspeise (-n) = appetizer(s)
Abbreviations: adj (adjective), adv (adverb), n (noun), pl (plural), v (verb)

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alcohol r Alkohol
alcoholic, containing alcohol adj alkoholisch
  non-alcoholic adj alkoholfrei

almond e Mandel (-n)

appetizer e Vorspeise (-n)

apple r Apfel (Äpfel)

apple cake r Apfelkuchen
apple cider r Apfelsaft
  (hard) apple cider r Apfelmost
apple spritzer e Apfelsaftschorle (apple juice or cider mixed with sparkling mineral water; the standard Schorle found in southwest Germany is made with wine)
apple sauce r Apfelmus
apple strudel r Apfelstrudel
apple turnover, apple pie e Apfeltasche
apple wine r Apfelwein
  Called Ebbelwei or Eppelwoi in the local dialect, this fermented cider drink is a specialty of the Frankfurt am Main area.

apricot e Aprikose (-n)
apricot e Marille (-n) in Austria, Bavaria

artichoke e Artischocke (-n)

asparagus r Spargel (-)
asparagus soup e Spargelsuppe (-n)

aubergine, eggplant e Aubergine


bacon r Speck
bacon and eggs Eier mit Speck

bake, roast v backen, braten
baked, roasted adj gebacken, gebraten
  baked apples Bratäpfel pl
  baked potato e Folienkartoffel, gebackene Pellkartoffel
  fried sausage e Bratwurst
  roasted chicken s Backhendel
baking soda, baking powder s Backpulver

banana e Banane (-n)

bar, pub e Bar (-s), e Kneipe (-n)

barbecue, BBQ (cooking) n s Grillen
barbecue, BBQ (get-together) n s Grillfest, e Grillparty
barbecue, BBQ (meat) n s Grillfleisch
barbecue, BBQ v grillen, am Spiess braten
barbecue grill n r Grill

basil (seasoning) s Basilikum
  MORE > Herbs and Spices - English-German glossary

bean e Bohne (-n)
  green beans grüne Bohnen
  kidney beans rote Bohnen
  string beans weiße Bohnen
bean coffee, real coffee r Bohnenkaffee

beef s Rindfleisch
beef Rind- beef (in compounds)

beer s Bier (-e)
  bottled beer s Flaschenbier
  (a) dark beer ein Dunkles
  draft/draught beer s Fassbier, s Bier vom Fass
  (a) lager/light beer ein Helles
  wheat beer s Weizenbier

bill, check e Rechnung (-en)
  Check please! Zahlen bitte!

bitters r Magenbitter

blackberry e Brombeere (-n)

Black Forest cherry cake e Schwarzwälderkirschtorte (made with Kirschwasser)

blueberry e Blaubeere (-n)

bock beer s Bockbier

bockwurst (sausage) e Bockwurst

boil v kochen
boiled adj gekocht
  a soft-boiled egg ein weich gekochtes Ei
boiled (adj.) blau (in salt and vinegar, usually fish)
   MORE > See Das Fischlexikon for more seafood and fish terms found on a menu.

bottle e Flasche (-n)
  a bottle of wine eine Flasche Wein
bottled water s Mineralwasser, s Wasser aus der Flasche

bouillon, broth e (klare) Fleischbrühe, e Bouillon
bouillon cube r Brühwürfel

bowl e Schale (-n), e Schüssel (-)

brandy r Weinbrand, r Brandy

bread s Brot (-e)
   There are over 200 kinds of German bread
bread roll s Brötchen (-), e Semmel (-n)

breaded veal cutlet s Wiener Schnitzel (-)

breakfast s Frühstück
  eat/have breakfast frühstücken

broccoli Brokkoli pl

broil v grillen

butter e Butter


Food and Drink Glossary
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Also see:
Menu & Dining Guide | Phrasebook | Seasonings | Stores & Shopping

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