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Playing Cards - Spielkarten
Playing Cards Glossary

An annotated English-German Glossary
Card games and card-playing terms

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Glossaries > Card Playing Glossary

The Four Suits - Die Vier Farben

Die Kreuzdame (queen of clubs)

diamonds = Karo (das, no plur.)

clubs = Kreuz (das, no plur.)

hearts = Herz (das, no plur.)

spades = Pik (das, no plur.)

Traditional Austrian and German cards used in games like Skat have a different set of symbols and suits than non-German ("French") playing cards. They are named for colors or symbols:

diamonds = Schellen (bells)

clubs = Eichel (acorn)

hearts = Rot (red)

spades = Grün (green)

Cards - Karten (By Rank)

ace das Ass (Asse)
  all four aces alle vier Asse
  ace of spades Pik Ass

king der König
  king of hearts Herzkönig

queen die Dame

jack, knave der Bube

joker der Joker

10 zehn, 9 neun, 8 acht, 7 sieben
6 sechs, 5 fünf, 4 vier, 3 drei
2 zwei, 1/ace eins/Ass

Card Games and Card Vocabulary

blackjack der Blackjack
bridge das Bridge (card game)

canasta das Canasta
card(s) die Karte (-n)
  playing cards Spielkarten pl.
cut (cards) v. abheben

deal v. geben, ausgeben
deal n. > It's your deal. Sie geben. / Du gibst.
dealer n. der Geber
deck n. der Satz
  a deck of cards ein Satz Spielkarten
draw (a card) v. (eine Karte) ziehen

face up (poker) offen ("open")
full house (poker) ein volles Haus

hand n. das Blatt
  Blatt can also refer to a single card.
hand n. die Spielhand
hole card (poker) versteckte Karte ("hidden card")

lose v. verlieren

play cards Karten spielen
poker das Poker

rummy das Romme

shuffle, mix (cards/deck) v. mischen
skat der Skat (German card game)
suit (cards) die Farbe

turn > It's your turn. Du bist dran. / Sie sind dran.
trump der Trumpf
trump card die Trumpfkarte

win v. gewinnen

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