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German First Names Lexicon

German-English Names Glossary

German Names List: Boys / Girls > Name Glossary

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In English we call it your "given name," "Christian name," or "first name" (Vorname). Such names are subject to fashion; they come into and fall out of favor. In the German-speaking world today, traditional Germanic names for boys and girls are largely out of fashion. (Maximilian would be the current exception, but that popular "German" name actually comes from Latin. Also see First Names in Germany and the USA.) The following list of Germanic first names is more of a linguistic and historical look at Germanic first names.

Abb-Ant | Ara-Cha | Chl-Eri | Erk-Geo
Ger-Götz | Gra-Hans | Hansd-Heinr
More coming | Walb-Wern

German First Names - Vornamen
Symbols used: f. (feminine), m. (masculine), Gr. (Greek), Lat. (Latin), OHG (Old High German), Sp. (Spanish).
The gender of names is only indicated in cases where that may not be obvious.
Abbo, Abo m.
Short form of names with "Adal-" (Adelbert)
From Gr. hagnos (pure)
Amalbert, Amalberta
The "Amal-" prefix may refer to the Amaler/Amelungen, the name of the eastern Gothic (ostgotisch) royal house. OHG "beraht" means "shining."
Short form of "Joachim" (of Hebrew origin, "whom God exalts"); Joachim and Anne were said to be the parents of the Virgin Mary. Name Day: 16 August
Alberich, Elberich m.
From OHG for "ruler of natural spirits"
Amalfried, Amalfrieda
See "Amal-" above. OHG "fried" means "peace."
Ada, Adda f.
Short for names with "Adel-" (Adelheid, Adelgunde)
Albert, Alberta
from Adalbert
Amalie, Amalia f.
Short for names with "Amal-"
Adalbald, Adalbold m.
From OHG for "noble" and "bold"
from Adalbrecht
Ambros, Ambrosius
From Gr. ambr—sios (divine, immortal)
Adalbert, Adelbert m.
Adalberta f.
See explanation below.
Albrun, Albruna f.
From OHG for "advised by natural spirits"
Andrea f., Andreas m.
From Gr. andreios (brave, masculine)
Adal-/Adel-: Names beginning with this prefix derive from the OHG adal, meaning noble, aristocratic (modern Ger. edel). Representative are: Adalbrand (Adelbrand), Adalbrecht, Adalfried, Adalger, Adelgund(e), Adalhard, Adelheid (Engl., Adelaide), Adalhelm, Adelhild(e), Adelar, Adelinde, Adalmann, Adalmar (Adelmar, Aldemar), Adalrich, Adalwin, Adalwolf.
Adolf, Adolph
from Adalwolf/Adalwulf
Alex, Alexander
Alexandra, Alessandra

From Gr. for "protector"
Angela, Angelika
from Gr./Lat. for angel
Adolfa, Adolfine f.
from masc. Adolf
from English
from Sp. for Anna/Johanna
Adrian (Hadrian) m.
Adriane f.
from Lat. (H)adrianus
Alheid(e) f.
from Adelheid
Anna, Anne
See below
Anna/Anne/Antje: This popular fem. name has two sources: Germanic and Hebraic. The latter (meaning "grace") predominated and is also found in many Germanic and borrowed variations: Anja (Russian), Anka (Polish), Anke/Antje (Niederdeutsch), Ännchen/Annerl (diminutive), Annette. It has also been popular in compound names: Annaheide, Annekathrin, Annelene, Annelies(e), Annelore, Annemarie and Annerose.
Agathe, Agatha f.
from Gr. agathos (good)
Alois, Aloisus
Aloys, Aloysus

From Italian; popular in Catholic regions. Possibly originally Germanic: "very wise"
Anselm, Anshelm m.
From OHG for "helmet of God" - Name Day: 21 April
Agilbert, Agilo
From OHG for "shining blade/sword"
Amadeus, Amadeo
Lat. form of Ger. Gottlieb (God + love)
Anton, Antonia, Antoinette
From Lat. Antonius; see below
Anton/Antoinette: Antonius was a Roman family name. Today Anthony is a popular name in many languages. The fem. Antoinette, made famous by the Austrian Marie Antoinette, is the French diminutive form of Antoine/Antonia. The German author Erich KŠstner used the name for a character in his story "PŸnktchen und Anton".
German First Names:
Abb-Ant | Ara-Cha | Chl-Eri | Erk-Geo
Ger-Götz | Gra-Hans | Hansd-Heinr
More coming | Walb-Wern

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