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Vornamenlexikon 4
German First Names Lexicon

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This is Part 4 of our lexicon of German first names and their meanings.

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German First Names - Vornamen
Symbols used: f. (feminine), m. (masculine), Gr. (Greek), Lat. (Latin), OHG (Old High German), Sp. (Spanish).
The gender of names is only indicated in cases where that may not be obvious.
Erkenbald, Erkenbert, Erkenfried
Variations of an old Germanic masc. name that is rare today. OHG "erken" means "noble, genuine, true"
Fausta (f.), Faustus (m.)
From Lat. for "favorable, joyful" - a rare name today.
Fred, Freddy
Short form of names like Alfred or Manfred, as well as a variation of Frederic, Frederick or Friedrich
Erma (f.), Irma (f.)
From Irma, a short form of names with "Irm" (Irmgard, Irmhild, Irmtraud)
Felix (m.)
From Lat. for "happy"
Frieda, Frida (f.), Friedel (f./m.)
Short form of names with Fried- or -frieda in them (Elfriede, Friedericke, Friedrich)
Erna, Erne (f.)
Female form of Ernst, from German "ernst" (serious, decisive)
Felicitas, Felizitas (f.)
From Lat. for "happiness" - English: Felicity
Old Germanic name meaning "ruling in peace"
Ernest, Ernst (m.)
From German "ernst" (serious, decisive)
Ferdinand (m.)
From Spanish Fernando/Hernando, but the origin is actually Germanic ("bold marksman"). The Habsburgs adopted the name in the 16th century.
Fritz (m.), Fritzi (f.)
An old nickname for Friedrich/Friederike; this was such a common name that in WWI the British and French used it as a term for any German soldier.
An old Germanic masc. name that evolved from Herwin ("friend of the army"). The fem. Erwine is very rare today.
Fieke (f.)
Low German short form of Sophie
Gabi, Gaby (f.)
Short form of Gabriele (a fem. form of Gabriel)
From Gr. for "well-born" or "noble." English: Eugene.
Florian, Florianus (m.)
From Lat. Florus, "blooming"
Gabriel m., Gabriele f.
Biblical masc. name meaning "man of God"
Eva (f.)
Biblical Hebrew name meaning "life." (Adam und Eva)
Folker (m.)
Variation of Volker
Gandolf, Gandulf (m.)
Old German name meaning "magic wolf"
Ewald (m.)
Old German masc. name meaning "he who rules by law."
Although the name means "of the Franks" (Germanic tribe), the name only became popular in Germany in the 19th century because of the English name.
Old German masc. name: "gift" + "hard"
Fabian, Fabien,
Fabius (m.)
From Lat. for "of the house of Fabier" - Fem. Fabia/Fabiola is less common.
A form of "Franziskus" - Latinized form of Italian "Francesco." Franz von Assisi (Francis of Assisi); fem. Franziska
Geli (f.)
Short form of Angelika
Falco, Falko, Falk (m.)
Old German name meaning "falcon." The Austrian pop star Falco used the name.
Frauke (f.)
Low German/Frisian diminutive form of Frau ("little woman")
Georg (m.)
From Greek for "farmer" - English: George
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