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German Crossword: Essentials 1 - Key

Kreuzworträtsel: Essential German 1

This puzzle was based on our Essential German pages. You should have reviewed those pages before trying this crossword.


Puzzle Copyright © Hyde Flippo


 2. where = wo
 5. cheap = billig
 8. waitress = (die) Kellnerin
 9. downstairs = unten
11. breakfast = (das) Fruehstueck (Frühstück)
12. upstairs = oben
14. expensive = teuer
15. yes = ja
17. hello = Guten Tag!


 1. good morning = Guten Morgen!
 2. bye! = Wiedersehen (short for "Auf Wiedersehen!)
 3. left = links
 4. maybe = vielleicht
 6. restroom = (die) Toilette
 7. no = nein
10. airport = (der) Flughafen
13. beer = (das) Bier
16. train = (der) Zug

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