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"Day" Expressions Quiz 1

Also see: Day Quiz 2

The self-scoring, 15-item quiz below relates to the article Day by Day: Day Expressions in German and German for Beginners Lesson 10 and Lesson 12. If you are not completely sure about the German for "day" expressions, then you should review the items above, including the Day by Day Glossary before attempting the following quiz.

Click the button next to the answer you want. When you reach the bottom of the quiz you'll be able to find out your percentage score. The answers will be listed in the scroll box just below the "Get Score" button, but you might want to avoid the answers if you got less than 100%, and try again until you get it right.

HINT: If you want to revise your answers after getting your score, don't use the "Clear" button unless you want to re-mark all the answers. Just change the answers you think need changing—then click on the "Get Score" button again. But no peeking at the answers!

Fill in the correct German word or phrase that equals the English for each item. For nouns, be sure to include the correct gender/article, as in: day = der Tag.

For special German characters:
Type ae for ä, oe for ö, ue for ü, ss for ß.
Yes, capitalization and spelling DO count!

1. daily paper =

2. day after tomorrow =

3. for days on end =

4. to this day =

5. yesterday =

6. during the day = (one word!)

7. today of all days =

8. daylight saving time =

9. weekdays, workdays =

10. from this day on =

11. the good old days =

12. day by day =

13. all day =

14. these days =

15. day trip =


   Score =

   Answer Key:

Key: An annotated, detailed answer key

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