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German Games and Quizzes

A Fun Way to Improve Your German

Test your German!


Our games and quizzes for German are divided into these categories:

Most of our games, quizzes, and exercises are self-scoring. You can see your score immediately after entering your answers. In addition, for most of our games and quizzes you can link to an annotated ANSWER KEY to learn more.

Featured QUIZ 1
Preposition Quiz 1
Can you pass this quiz on German prepositions?

Featured QUIZ 2
Word of the Day for Beginners Quiz 2
Basic vocabulary from the words of the day in October 2006.

Grammatik - Grammar

Test your German grammar!

Adjective Endings - Exercises
Test yourself on the German adjective endings. A self-scoring quiz.

Das Alphabet - Das Abc
The German alphabet with exercises and sound. Part of our free German for Beginners course.

By-Expressions Quiz
A self-scoring quiz on English "by" in German.

Capitalization in German - Quiz
A quiz on the new rules for German capitalization. Based on the article Capitalization in German.

Comparison: gut, besser, am besten
A self-scoring quiz to test your grasp of the comparison of German adjectives.

Du/Sie Quiz
When should you use du, ihr or Sie? This self-scoring quiz tests your ability to decide.

Gender Quiz 1
A self-scoring quiz based on our tips for remembering the gender of nouns in German.

Gender Quiz 2
Version two of our der, die, das quiz is also based on the gender of nouns in German.

German Language Lab
Audio for German listening practice on a variety of topics.

German Present Tense Verb Quiz 1
A self-scoring quiz on the German present tense verb conjugations.

Jahresrückblick 2002 Quiz
A quiz on world events that happened in 2002. Pick the correct month.

The Passive Voice in German
An article with exercises on this aspect of German verbs.

Preposition Quiz 1
A test on some German words that can be dangerous. A self-scoring quiz that lets you choose to answer 5, 10, 15, or 20 questions.

Preposition Quiz 2
A self-scoring quiz on two-way prepositions in German.

Prepositions with Verbs Quiz
A self-scoring quiz on prepositions used with verbs in German.

Subordinate Clauses Quiz
A quiz on word order with German subordinate clauses. Based on the grammar lesson Word Order in German 2.

The Subjunctive II
When and how to use it, from your Guide. With self-scoring quiz.

Verb Reviews 1-3
A three-part look at German verbs and various tenses - with quizzes.

Word Order Quiz
A quiz on word order with German subordinate clauses. Based on the grammar lesson Word Order in German 2.

German for Beginners
More exercises in our free online German course.

German Grammar Guide
Find German grammar lessons by topic.


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