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Tiere Quiz 1
German Animal Sounds Quiz

Animals and Their Sounds in German

This quiz is based on our feature Talk to the Animals and Das Tierlexikon, an annotated English-German glossary of terms related to animals. You need to familiarize yourself with those sources before taking this quiz. After taking the quiz, see our annotated answer key. See below for details.

This is a self-scoring quiz with a total of 10 questions. In the chart below, the Tier (animal) and the Geräusch (sound) don't match. In the column on the left, you need to type in the LETTER of the correct answer. (Be sure to type your answers with CAPITAL letters - Großbuchstaben!)

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Tiere und ihre Geräusche

Animals and Their Sounds
Type in the LETTER of the correct German sound (A-J) to match the animal (1-10). Be sure to use only CAPITAL letters!
A, B, etc.
Tier Geräusch
1. der Hahn A. gurr
2. die Katze B. iaah
3. die Henne C. mäh
4. das Schwein D. kikeriki
5. die Ziege E. miau
6. der Maulesel F. gak
7. das Backenhörnchen G. quak
8. die Taube H. Er krächzt.
9. der Papagei I. grunz
10. der Frosch J. Es knattert.
NOTE: If you want to find out more about Tiere and Geräusche see the links below.


Answer Key:
Mistakes? Double check your answers.
Did you type only in CAPITAL LETTERS?

Want to know more about the answers? See a detailed, annotated answer key for this quiz.

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