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German Verb Conjugation

LIEGEN: Conjugated in All Tenses

Also see legen below!

The German verb liegen (to lie, recline, rest) conjugated in all its tenses and moods


The irregular/strong verb liegen (lie) is often confused with the regular/weak verb legen (lay). If you have trouble with "lie" and "lay" in English, learning the German distinction will help you! See the legen chart below with examples of the contrast with liegen.

LIEGEN: Present | Past | Future | Subjunctive | All Verbs

Principal Parts: liegen • lag • gelegen
Imperative (Commands): (du) Lieg(e)! | (ihr) Liegt! | Liegen Sie!

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Present Tense - Präsens
ich liege I lie/recline
I am lying/reclining
du liegst you lie/recline
you are lying/reclining
er liegt
sie liegt
es liegt
he lies/reclines
he is lying/reclining
she lies/reclines
she is lying/reclining
it lies/reclines
it is lying/reclining
wir liegen we lie/recline
we are lying/reclining
ihr liegt you (guys) lie/recline
you (guys) are lying/reclining
sie liegen they lie/recline
they are lying/reclining
Sie liegen you lie/recline
you are lying/reclining
Er liegt immer noch im Bett. He's still lying in bed.
München liegt in Bayern. Munich lies [is] in Bavaria.
Das Buch liegt auf dem Tisch. The book is (lying) on the table.
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LEGEN: Present | Past | All Verbs

Principal Parts: legen • legte • gelegt
Imperative (Commands): (du) Leg(e)! | (ihr) Legt! | Legen Sie!

NOTE: The weak German verb legen is similar to English "lay." But in German it can also mean "to put" something down (horizontally) or to "lay" something down. This contrasts with the strong verb liegen (above), which means to "lie" at rest, to "recline," or to "be situated" somewhere. If you mix the two up, it sounds very dumb in German! See the lesson Verb Pairs - Dual Verbs for more.

Present Tense - Präsens
ich lege I lay/put
I am laying/putting
du legst you lay/put
you are laying/putting
er legt
sie legt
es legt
he lays/puts
he is laying/putting
she lays/puts
she is laying/putting
it lays/puts
it is laying/putting
wir legen we lay/put
we are laying/putting
ihr legt you (guys) lay/put
you (guys) are laying/putting
sie legen they lay/put
they are laying/putting
Sie legen you lay/put
you are laying/putting
Leg das Buch auf den Tisch. Put [lay] the book on the table.
See the lesson Verb Pairs - Dual Verbs for more about legen and liegen.

Weak verbs all follow the same predictable pattern in the past that you see below:

Past Tenses - Präsens
Simple Past Compound Past
ich/er legte
I/he laid/put
ich habe gelegt
I laid/put
I have laid/put
wir/Sie/sie legten
we/you/they laid/put
wir haben gelegt
we laid/put
we have laid/put
See the lesson Verb Pairs - Dual Verbs for more about legen and liegen.


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