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German Verb Guide

Verb Types and Conjugations

How to conjugate German verbs

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  German Verb Conjugator (selected verbs)
  Verb-Lexikon (German verb list)
  Verb-related articles below

German Verbs
Verb Vocabulary Verb Tenses/Types

Fully Conjugated Verbs
See the Verb-Lexikon for a full alphabetical list
Also see the English-to-German verb index below

anfangen to begin, start
anrufen to call up
antworten to answer
ausmachen - 10 meanings!

backen to bake
beginnen to begin
bleiben to stay

denken to think
dürfen to be permitted, allow

empfehlen to recommend
erfinden to invent
essen to eat

fahren to travel, drive
finden to find

geben to give
gehen to go
geschehen to happen, occur

haben to have
hassen to hate
heißen to be named/called
helfen to help

kennen to know, be familiar with
kommen to come
können to be able, can

lassen to let, leave
  Also: The Many Meanings of lassen
laufen to run, walk
liegen to lie, recline

mögen to like (to)
müssen to have to, must

nehmen to take
nennen to name, call

schaffen create; make, do
schlafen sleep
schreiben to write
sehen to see
sein to be
sollen should, ought to, supposed to
sprechen to speak, talk
stehen to stand

trinken to drink
tun to do

werden to become
wissen to know
wollen to want (to)

German Verb Conjugator

English-to-German Verb Index

allow/may (dürfen), answer (antworten), bake (backen), be (sein), become (werden), begin (anfangen/beginnen), be named/called (heißen), call up (anrufen), can/be able (können), come (kommen), create (schaffen), do (tun), drink (trinken), drive/travel (fahren), eat (essen), find (finden), give (geben), go (gehen), happen (geschehen), hate (hassen), have (haben), have to/must (müssen), help (helfen), invent erfinden, know 1 (kennen), know 2 (wissen), like (mögen), make, do (schaffen), name/call (nennen), recommend (empfehlen), let (lassen), lie/recline liegen), run (laufen), see (sehen), should/ought to (sollen), sleep (schlafen), speak/talk (sprechen), stand (stehen), stay (bleiben), take (nehmen), think (denken), walk (laufen), write (schreiben)
MORE > Full Verb Index (German-English)

German Verb Tenses
How to conjugate German verbs in various tenses

German Verb Conjugator
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The Subjunctive I
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Classes of Verbs
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Regular Verbs: Present Tense
The Präsens conjugation of regular verbs

20 Most-Used German Verbs
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50 Common German Verbs
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German Dative Verbs
antworten, helfen, folgen and other verbs that take the dative case

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German Reflexive Verbs
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A German-English guide to the irregular (strong) verb forms

The German "know" Verbs
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German Verb Prefixes
Verbs with separable and inseparable prefixes

German Verbs with Prepositions
Prepositions used with verbs and verb idioms

An alphabetical list of common German verbs, many with links to their full conjugation.

Ablaut Classes
The seven ablaut vowel patterns for the strong verbs in German.

More Verb Pages

An alphabetical list of common German verbs, many with links to their full conjugation.

Verb Review 1
Part One of a 3-part look at the ins and outs of German verbs. The past and the verb werden, with self-scoring quiz.

German Grammar Glossary
Explanations of German grammar terms (in English and German) in plain English. With links to grammar details.

German Reflexive Verbs
About accusative and dative reflexive verbs.

German Regular Verbs in the Present Tense
The present tense of regular German verbs with English meanings. Lesson 4B of German for Beginners.

German Present Tense Verb Quiz 1
A self-scoring quiz on the German present tense verb conjugations. Before taking this quiz, you should have studied Lektion 4 of German for Beginners.

German Verb Prefixes
Learn more about German separable (trennbar) and inseparable (untrennbar) verb prefixes.

German Verb Conjugation: Present Tense
An introduction to the present tense of German regular verbs. Compares English and German verb endings and leads to a more detailed study of the present tense.

German Verb Quiz: to know
A self-scoring quiz on how to say "know" in German. Before taking this quiz, you should have studied Lektion 16 of German for Beginners.

The Many Meanings of the Verb lassen
A detailed look at this versatile German verb, with its many meanings, idioms, and variations,

The Passive Voice in German
Grammar tips and examples contrasting the active and passive voice.

Review: Teach Yourself German Verbs
A review of a reference and learning guide covering 201 German verbs in detail, plus a glossary of about 3000 verbs.

The Subjunctive Mood
An introduction to the two German subjunctive moods and how they are used.

Two important verbs
To have and have not (haben); to be or not to be! (sein). From Lektion 4A of German for Beginners.

English-German Glossaries
All of the annotated glossaries on this site - from aerospace to travel.

German Grammar
All of the grammar resources on this site, by category.

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