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Deutsche Musik heute
The current German music scene
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Today's German music! What is that actually? In our previous article about German Schlager and Golden Oldies we discussed German music from the "good old days" ("die guten alten Zeiten"), but keeping track of the current German music scene is not as simple, even if we stick strictly to those artists and bands that sing only in German.

First of all, pick a category. These range from "Deutschrock" to "Rap," from "Hamburger Schule" to "Neue Deutsche Welle" (NDW, which isn't all that new). Then there's German satire like the popular "Tax Song" ("Der Steuersong") parodying German chancellor Gerhardt Schröder. One of the best places to start is the German music site called Laut.de (see links on the next page). Among many others, Laut.de lists the following German music categories: Black Metal, Blue Funk, Deutschrock, Krautrock, Country, NDW, Schlager, House und Raus, Techno, Hip Hop, No Wave, and Rap.

"Wir sind da wo oben ist" by
Kinderzimmer Productions is an
example of German rap.

I've already written about many of the better-known German artists and groups, including Die Fantastischen Vier (Fanta4), Nena, Rammstein, and Herbert Grönemeyer, but there are many others singing in German, who have even had pretty big hits in Germany recently. When I was in Germany this past summer, I noticed that German CD albums and singles were still holding their own against the overwhelming tsunami of international English music. In fact it seemed that German lyrics may be more popular than ever in a country that often foresakes its own language at the movies, in music and in other forms of entertainment.

Just the names of these German groups can teach you a lot of German. Look at this partial list of German groups listed at Laut.de, all with current albums now or in the last few years: Das Ich, Deichkind, Echt, Eins Zwo, Einstürzende Neubauten, Glashaus, Hammerfall, Keilerkopf ("Im Bann des Plattenspielers"), Kinderzimmer Productions, Massive Töne, Patent Ochsner (Swiss), Plattenpapzt, Pur, Regenundmild, and Rosenstolz.

On the next page you'll find more information about some of these groups and links to their music.

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