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German for Beginners
Deutsch für Anfänger

An online course and resource from your Guide

We have always tried to make beginning learners welcome here at the German Language site, but with the introduction of our German for Beginners course we now offer a series designed just for beginners. Of course, more advanced learners wishing to review their German skills will also find the Beginners series helpful.

No book required! Although you may want to print out each lesson for yourself, our online course offers everything you need without having to buy any books or other materials. Natürlich, that doesn't mean you shouldn't use other materials. In fact, in each lesson we'll refer you to related books, software, video and other media for learning German. And we do recommend that you obtain at least a good paperback German-English dictionary with at least 40,000 entries. (See our Study Tips/Lerntipps page for more about dictionaries and other helpful information.)

Compact lessons! No books required!

Each online lesson (die Lektion) is a compact unit on a specific topic (das Thema) designed to be studied and learned in under an hour. (Supplemental materials/pages may add more time in some cases.) We've tried to keep each Lektion uncomplicated and easily manageable by the average learner. In every lesson there are also links to appropriate grammar and vocabulary references – both here and at other Web sites.

Almost every week, you'll find a new lesson in our continuing series. In weeks when there is no new lesson, we'll guide you to specially selected learning resources for German. Take a look at German for Beginners this week.

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