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German Chat - Deutscher Chat

Chat in German — or About German

Please look over the information below, then join us for chat at AboutGerman Chat, our German Language chat place.

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Chat Times and Rules Below

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Chat Rules
Our chat rules are strictly enforced! Please read and follow them!

Willkommen! Welcome to our chat room for German. Several volunteer chat hosts assist your Guide in live chat.

Your volunteer Chat Hosts and I invite you to join us for discussions in German and/or about German. Our German chat room is open 24 hours a day to anyone who wants to chat about or in German. (Unscheduled chat sessions are not moderated.) Our chatters drop in from all over the world. The only thing they have in common is an interest in the German language and culture. We offer sessions for beginning to advanced speakers (or writers/typers). Most of our chatters, including German natives, speak English as well as German. Please check the chat schedule below for sessions that are suitable for you.

Chat Schedule

Although our chat room is available 24 hours a day, at this time we no longer offer regularly scheduled, hosted chat sessions for German. Special chat events or schedule changes are announced in our free newsletter and in our German Forum. We encourage you to subscribe to our free newsletter and to join us in the forum.

You can meet fellow chatters and German-learners in Europe and other regions/times zones around the globe. - But see the Chat Rules below!

Our Chat Rules

Our six chat rules for German are short and simple. Please read and follow them!

1. The language for our chat room is either English or German. Your Guide and the volunteer Chat Hosts understand both of these languages. Obviously, the use of German is encouraged!

2. No offensive language, vulgar nicknames, "flaming" or other anti-social behavior will be tolerated (in ANY language)! Violations of this rule may get you kicked out of the chat room.

3. Remember why you came to chat in the first place! If you're not talking about German or in German, then you're probably off topic. If there is a specific given topic for the session you're in, stick to that topic.

4. NO TYPING IN ALL CAPS in either language! Typing in all caps is considered rude and means you're shouting. We don't raise our voices here in chat. Caps should be used only for the emphasis of a word or phrase.

5. Practice safe chatting. Don't reveal your full name, address, phone number, or email address to anyone you don't really know—and sometimes not even then. You don't have to give out any information you don't want to.

6. Have fun and enjoy chatting here. Viel Spaß!

Please note: We can not be responsible for certain unintelligent people who choose to violate our rules in unhosted chat. However, if we detect such behavior at any time, hosted or not, we will eject and/or ban that person from our chat rooms!

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