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Books in German and about German. Articles, reviews and links to sources for Bücher auf Deutsch.
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A German BookStore Listing
A listing of German bookstores and distributors both online and via telephone.

German Books For The Language Learner
Favorite German BooksSee submissions

Authors in German Literature
Authors and poets and their works. Links to articles and resources related to German literature. From your Guide.

Our German bookstore offers books related to studying and enjoying the German language.

Book Directory - Sources of German Books
Online and local bookstores that carry books in German. Includes bilingual and Kinderbücher, as well as used and out-of-print books. From your Guide.

Before You Buy a German Dictionary
Some tips from your Guide on selecting a German dictionary.

Book Reviews
Your Guide examines books, software and videos related to German.

Dual-Language Books
Selected German literature books in a side-by-side German/English format. Ideal for building vocabulary and for anyone who wants to read German literature in the original, but doesn't have advanced German skills!

Germanic Genealogy Books
Selected books to help you trace your Germanic roots, including name references and helpful how-to advice.

Harry Potter in German: Introduction
This Harry Potter start page provides a unified collection of all our resources for using and enjoying the German translations to expand your German.

Listening to Germany - Schau ins Land
A review of the German audio magazine Schau ins Land.

Sources of Books in German - Deutsche Buecher
Our bookstore resources can help you find a bookstore that sells German titles - locally or online.

ABC Kinderladen - German Books for Children
The Online Store ABC Kinderladen is located in Washington state in the U.S.

Alphabet Garten
Books, audiobooks, and music in German for kids and their parents. Based in New Jersey.

Amazon.de - Books in German
What are the top-selling German-language books? From the German division of Amazon.com.

German audiobooks in several formats, some as free downloads. Genres include: Kinder, Krimis, Literatur, Reise, Klassiker und Gedichte.

An onlineshop for audiobooks in German with many audio samples and clearly arranged information about the individual audiobooks. - "Willkommen bei hoerjuwel, Ihrem Hörbuchshop mit großer Auswahl und vielen Informationen zu den einzelnen Hörbüchern."

Read about and listen to samples of selected audiobooks in German. Hessischer Rundfunk.

Hören und lesen! An online interactive story in 10 episodes. In German from Radio Sweden. Requires RealPlayer G2 and browser version 4.0 or higher.

Children's German Authors

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