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Traditional German Cookies And Treats


If you've ever been to Germany or another German-speaking country during the Christmas season, you already know how delicious German cookies and treats can be, many of them steeped in centuries-old traditions. The following is a listing of traditional German cookies and treats that will surely tantalize your tastebuds during the holiday season.

Allgauer Butter

German Sugar Cookies.

Basler Brunsli

Basel chocolate balls: a sweet confection made with chocolate, almonds, and hazelnut; a Christmas treat.

Basler Leckerli

A flat rectangular Swiss-German Christmas Cookie made from honey with a sugar glaze on top.

der Baumkuchen

Lietrally a"tree cake" , so called because of its interior layers which resemble tree rings when cut. It is a labour-intensive and unique cake that is made and baked on a thin spit to which the baker adds layers as the cake is baked

das/der Bonbon (-s), die Süssigkeiten (pl.)

Candy, sweets.

der Eierpunsch

Similar but not the same as eggnog.

Frankfurter Brenten

Frankfurter Brenten are traditional Christmas biscuits from marzipan from Frankfurt am Main, Germany, originating from the Middle Ages.

Frankfurter Bethmännchen

Traditional puffy Christmas biscuits decorated with three almond slivers on the side.

das Gebäck

Baked goods, pastry.

der Heidesand, die Butterplätzchen

Shortbread, butter cookies.
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