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Culture / Kultur

Articles, lessons, and links for German culture and customs in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
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Strange Sports In Germany
A description of a few strange sports in Germany and other German-speaking countries.

Odd Sports
A description of some odd sports in Germany and other German-speaking countries.

German Riddles
German riddles with answers.

'Aeon Flux' Made in Berlin | Berlin Locations
An illustrated guide to the Berlin filming locations of the sci-fi movie 'Aeon Flux.'

Black History and Germany - Afro Germans - Afrodeutsche
Of the 82 million people living in Germany an estimated 300,000 to 500,000 have some form of African heritage. Germany's blacks fall into several historical and ancestral categories. A few of them are well-known as writers, TV personalities, entertainers, sports figures, and actors.

Fasching in Germany
Fasching in Germany.

'Bourne' in Berlin - BOURNE SUPREMACY Locations
Not only does the Hollywood spy thriller 'The Bourne Supremacy' feature German actress Franka Potente ('Run Lola Run'), but it was filmed in Berlin. Even the Munich and some of the Naples scenes were shot in the German capital!

Das Wunder von Bern
Soenke Wortmann's 'Das Wunder von Bern' -- a film about the German soccer miracle of 1954. A DVD review.

Almanac: German Geography & History
German Europe and the world — highest mountains, longest rivers, key historical events, and more!

German Gift Ideas - Geschenkideen
Are you looking for a good gift for the German fan on your list? So was I, so I put together this list of gift ideas for people who love German and the German-speaking countries of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. In some cases you'll find a link to the product or more information, but most of the listings are just helpful gift ideas related to German and the German-speaking countries.

Germanic Trivia - German Cultural & Language Trivia
Assorted trivia and facts related to the German language and the history of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Germany for Visitors - About.com
All you need to know about German travel and vacations.

Germany Hosts the 2006 World Cup Games
All about the 2006 World Cup soccer games, hosted by Germany in 12 cities. With English-German glossary.

Famous Austrians, Germans, Swiss
An alphabetical list of significant people, both living and dead, who were born in German Europe or had Germanic ancestors — handy for biographical projects or general inspiration. For some of them, you can click on the name or link to learn more.

Sigmund Freud: Biography - Chronology
A profile of the Austrian father of psychoanalysis.

Brecht for Beginners - Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956)
A bilingual (English and German) biographical profile of the German dramatist, writer, and poet Bertolt Brecht.

Where is German Spoken? - Wo spricht man Deutsch?
An overview of the countries where German is spoken. It's not just Germany. With a related brief German lesson.

Austria Today - Österreich heute
Everything you ever wanted to know about contemporary Austria, its geography, and its recent history. Also see: Bundesländer, Austria's nine federal provinces - with map.

'The Awful German Language' by Mark Twain
A very humorous essay from Mark Twain's A TRAMP ABROAD (1880).

Deutschland heute - Germany Today
Everything you ever wanted to know about contemporary Germany, its geography, and its recent history. Also see: Bundesländer der BRD, Germany's 16 federal states.

Einstein Year - Das Einsteinjahr 2005
In 2005 Germany and the world will commemorate two anniversaries connected with Albert Einstein: The 100th birthday of his Theory of Relativity and the 50th anniversary of his death in 1955.

Erfinder - German Inventors & Discoverers
Germans, Austrians, and the German Swiss have made many important inventions and discoveries—from aspirin to the zeppelin.

Movie Index of German Films - Deutsche Filme
An alphabetical index of movies in German, many available on DVD.

German Myth 13: Teufelshunde - Devil Dogs
Part of our collection of misnomers, mistakes, myths and falsehoods concerning the German language. Did the Germans really give the U.S. Marines the nickname 'Teufelshunde' or 'Devil Dogs' during WWI?

Der Papst in Deutschland: Pope Benedict XVI
In August 2005 German Pope Benedict XVI returned to his homeland for an official visit to the World Youth Day in Cologne.

German Misnomers, Myths and Mistakes
A collection of German cultural and language myths. Sometimes we think we know something when we don't. Correcting Germanic misinformation from the serious to the frivolous.

Oktoberfest Starts in September
Munich's world-famous celebration may be called "Oktoberfest" but it starts in September. Learn more about this unique Bavarian event and how it got started. With photos and links.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Biography
When Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for governor of California, we were inundated with movie-title puns such as Total Recall and Governator, but in the end, Arnold proved the joke was on former governor Gray Davis. Learn more about the "Styrian Oak."

Father's Day and Vatertag
The American Father's Day celebration is different from that in Germany, but similar to Austria's.

Fotogalerie - German Photo Gallery
An ever-expanding collection of photos related to the German language and the culture of the German-speaking countries.

German Schools - Schularten
Learn more about the educational systems in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Information and vocabulary related to schools and universities in the German-speaking countries.

Authors in German Literature
A literary and biographical guide to Germanic authors – classical to contemporary. From your Guide.

The Beatles in Germany and in German
You may know about the Beatles getting their start in Hamburg, but did you know that the very first record they made was in German?

The Beatles in German
In 1964 in a Paris recording studio, the Beatles recorded two of their hit songs in German. The German lyrics had been hurriedly written by a Luxembourger named Camillo Felgen. Learn more about the Beatles' German recordings...

The Bible in German
From Ulfilas to Luther - die Bibel auf Deutsch. With resources and links. From your Guide.

Customs and Traditions
A month-by-month guide to German celebrations and festivals.

Deutsche Geschichte: Inhalt
German and world history in German and English. Our history contents page with articles, reference pages, timelines and links for Germanic history. From your Guide.

Erntedankfest: A German Thanksgiving
How is the German version of the Thanksgiving celebration different from that in North America? For one thing, Germany's Erntedankfest falls closer to the date of Canada's Thanksgiving. For another, it's not a national holiday.

FAQs for German
Get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to learning German. Find answers related to grammar, special German characters, tracing your Germanic roots, setting the DVD region codes on your computer, and how to use this site.

German Movie Guide: Introduction
Links to all of our German movie pages and information, including German films on DVD, current German movies running in German Europe, classic German films, reviews, film festivals, and information about German film people and the German-Hollywood connection.

Martin Luther: The Movie and the Man
Will the new "Luther" movie finally stop the confusion between the American civil-rights leader and his German namesake? One started the Protestant Reformation, the other started a different reformation. A look at this big-budget English-language film shot on location in Germany.

Oskar Kokoschka (1886-1980)
A brief biography and profile of the Austrian artist. English version.

Ronald Reagan and Germany
Former U.S. president Ronald Reagan, Germany, and the Germans have more ties than you may think. With Reagan quotes in German and English.

Review: 'Wings of Desire' on DVD
Those of us who fell in love with Wim Wenders' angelic Berlin film when it was first released in 1987 have long hoped for something better than the mediocre VHS video version. The new DVD release of Wings of Desire highlights the original rich black-and-white/color imagery. Plus there are special features that will appeal to German-learners.

Austrian Government
Information about Austria's government and political system in German and English.

Austrian National Tourist Office
Online information about Austrian culture and tourism.

Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus
The Berlin Senate's Web site. In German.

Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen
The Alliance/Greens political party of Germany. (Also see the CDU and SPD below.)

CDU - Christian Democratic Party
Former German chancellor Helmut Kohl's party (in German only). Also see the opposition SPD (in German or English).

Confoederatio Helvetica - Swiss Confederation
The Swiss government Web site is in several languages, including German.

Deutsche Bundesregierung
"Facts About Germany" from the German government Web site (in German and English).

This great cultural magazine is published by the German government – in print and online. A variety of topics in several languages.

Mehr erfahren über Exil, Fremdsein und Migration: Buntes Amerika, Literatur im Exil, usw.

Famous Bilinguals and Multilinguals
The "Famous Bilingual Site" by Devin P. Brown at the University of Pittsburgh. Well-known English-speakers (actors, athletes, musicians, politicians, etc.) who speak German or another language in addition to English.

Famous Germans, Austrians, and Swiss
From The German Way and More site. By Hyde Flippo.

Famous German-Americans
Click on biographies from the main screen. From GermanHeritage.com.

The German-American Corner
A German-American Web resource and Internet magazine.

German American Cultural Heritage
Ken Wigger's site covers everything from castles to folksongs to Oktoberfest – and more!

German Americana
Info and links to German-American resources by Robert Shea.

The German-Hollywood Connection
Hollywood's Germanic influences span from its very beginnings to the present day. Information, photos, links. By Hyde Flippo.

The German Way and More
Extensive coverage of daily life and customs of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Information, photos, links. By Hyde Flippo.

German-world.com - German Culture
An English-language magazine (with German) about German culture and events. Also available online as a downloadable PDF file.

German Culture
A German culture site by Tatyana Gordeeva.

Fighting the common German stereotypes. By Achim Schmidtmann.

Germany Today!
One of the best places on the Web for German cultural links! Angela Lilleystone's well-designed site offers links in German and English.

Große Denker im Internet
"Eine Sammlung von Websites zu Menschen, die die Welt bewegten und bewegen." Das sind Menschen wie Luther, da Vinci, Kopernikus und Gandhi. Von Das Beste (Reader's Digest).

What happened on this day in history? Who was born on this date? This interesting site from Deutsche Welle even includes historical audio clips. In German.

Kultur - German for Travellers
A collection of culture topics for German learners from the German for Travellers site.

New Face of Germany
A series of BBC radio broadcasts about Germany since the Berlin Wall came down – in text or audio format.

politik digital
A well-designed site about German politics and government. If you understand German, this a good place to start. In German only.

SPD - Die Sozial-Demokraten
The former opposition party to Helmut Kohl's CDU also has an English version for non-Germans (below).

Top German Movies
A listing and description of some of the best German movies, both classic and contemporary.

Popular German Folk songs
german folk songs, learning german songs

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