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German Cinema / Deutscher Film

Articles, reviews, and links concerning German cinema, films in German, and Germanic film people.

German Films Recommendations
Readers review German Films for German learners.See submissions

German Movie Recommendations
German Movie Recommendations

Film DVD Review: Die Fälscher - The Counterfeiters
A review of the 2007 Austro-German co-production 'Die Fälscher' on DVD. 'The Counterfeiters' (US title) won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in February 2008.

German Movie Guide
We've got lots of German cinema resources. This page links directly to most of them -- from current German feature films to classic films of the past in German.

German Movie Reviews
A look at the latest German-language films as well as cinema classics from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Reviews by your Guide.

'Aeon Flux' Made in Berlin | Berlin Locations
It's not a German movie, but this Hollywood film was shot in Berlin. An illustrated guide to the Berlin filming locations of the sci-fi movie 'Aeon Flux.'

Best German Films for German-Learners
Which films—in German or English—are the best ones for anyone learning German? Heres a helpful guide to the best films for German-learners and where to find them on DVD or video.

'Bourne' in Berlin - BOURNE SUPREMACY Locations
Not only does the Hollywood spy thriller 'The Bourne Supremacy' feature German actress Franka Potente ('Run Lola Run'), but it was filmed in Berlin. Even the Munich and some of the Naples scenes were shot in the German capital!

Das Wunder von Bern
Soenke Wortmann's 'Das Wunder von Bern' -- a film about the German soccer miracle of 1954. A DVD review.

Eyes Wide Shut
Stanley Kubrick's last film is based on the Austrian Traumnovelle written by Arthur Schnitzler in 1927. Now on video.

Movie Index of German Films - Deutsche Filme
An alphabetical index of movies in German, many available on DVD.

Cinema Vocabulary English-German
German words and phrases related to motion pictures, cameras, and filmmaking. Lights, camera, action!

German Film Quotes of the Day
An archive of daily quotations (in German and English) from Hollywood movies. "Here's lookin' at you, kid!"

German Video Highlights
Recent years have meant better times for German movies - in Germany, North America, and around the world. Here's an updated guide to both recent and classic German movies on DVD and video for North America. Compare prices.

Deutsche Filmfeste - German Film Festivals
A guide to film festivals in Germany and other countries, including the Berlinale and San Francisco's "Berlin & Beyond" Filmfest. Links to festival sites and other related cinema resources.

Movie Titles in German
What happens to Hollywood movie titles when they're translated into German? An interesting look at Hollywood films in Germany - with an English-German title glossary.

Jakob the Liar
About the Hollywood film based on the German film "Jakob der Lügner" (1974).

Lola's Running
About the award-winning film "Run Lola Run" and its success in North American movie theaters.

Lola's Running on Video
A boon to German-learners, "Run Lola Run" is out on DVD and video in North America! With exercises, links and information.

Martin Luther: The Movie and the Man
Will the new "Luther" movie finally stop the confusion between the American civil-rights leader and his German namesake? One started the Protestant Reformation, the other started a different reformation. A look at this big-budget English-language film shot on location in Germany.

Review: 'Wings of Desire' on DVD
Those of us who fell in love with Wim Wenders' angelic Berlin film when it was first released in 1987 have long hoped for something better than the mediocre VHS video version. The new DVD release of Wings of Desire highlights the original rich black-and-white/color imagery. Plus there are special features that will appeal to German-learners.

Das Boot Extra Credit Questions
Teaching materials for the German film DAS BOOT from Duveen Penner.

filmportal.de - English
This very good German film site offers some of its content in English.

Filmhefte - Institut für Kino und Filmkultur
Film guides for teachers -- in German -- from the Institut für Kino und Kultur.

Filmhefte - Publikationen der bpb
Film guides for teachers -- in German -- from bpb.

The German-Hollywood Connection
A site devoted to the link between Hollywood and the many Austrian, German and Swiss film people who contributed to the Hollywood phenomenon. In English.

Hedy Lamarr
The popular Austrian-American actress of the 1930-50 era . From the German-Hollywood Connection.

Leni Riefenstahl
She was Hitler's favorite director. This Riefenstahl page includes links to two of her classic documentaries: Triumph of the Will and Olympia (the 1936 Berlin Olympics), articles dealing with her Nazi past, and biographical information.

Conrad Veidt
Information about the Berlin-born actor in Caligari and Casablanca. In English.

Hans Zimmer
The German Hans Zimmer composed the musical scores for Gladiator, The Lion King, Rain Man, Crimson Tide and other Hollywood movies.

World Film - Independent Film
Reviews of German and other foreign-language films.

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