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Holidays and Folk Customs

Special days on the calendar and folk customs in the German-speaking world.
  1. Christmas (28)

New YearGerman Customs
Some more peculiar German New Year's traditions...

Halloween in Germany
A description about Halloween customs in Germany.

Birthday Songs in German
How to sing a happy birthday song in German.

German Customs and Holidays in March
A guide to German holidays and observances in March. Traditional and religious March celebrations and holidays in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Love Pet Names
German Terms of Endearment

German Easter Traditions
About German Easter Traditions.

The Easter Bunny
A description about German Easter Bunny

German Holidays & Celebrations
A guide to traditional and religious celebrations and customs in the German-speaking World - with English-German glossaries.

Feiertag-Kalender - German-English Holiday Calendar
A calendar of holidays in German Europe. Includes official national and regional holidays in Germany and the other German-speaking countries.

Easter Games
About German Easter Games.

German Holidays and Customs in May
A guide to German holidays and observances in May - May Day, the Maypole, and Walpurgis. May celebrations and holidays in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Father's Day and Vatertag
The American Father's Day celebration is different from that in Germany, but similar to Austria's.

A German Christmas Guide
Links to all of our German Christmas pages and resources.

Mother's Day and Muttertag
Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in many countries, including Austria, Germany, Italy, Australia, and the United States.

Oktoberfest Starts in September
Munich's world-famous celebration may be called "Oktoberfest" but it starts in September. Learn more about this unique Bavarian event and how it got started. With photos and links.

Birthday Customs in Germany
How Germans celebrate birthdays.

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